Tropical Abalone Jewelry

Tropical Abalone Jewelry

Enjoy the beauty of Tropical Abalone Jewelry and Paua in all shapes and styles imaginable. For instance the plumeria flower in either in a necklace or earrings is one of my favorites, I can never get enough of the brilliant colors of the abalone.

You will find some of my favorite pieces like abalone shell earrings, black abalone, abalone rings, abalone stone abalone cufflinks, beautiful abalone bracelets, and large abalone pendans, pua shell and silver jewelry, paua shell dolphin dangling from your ears and neck line, abalone paua shell jewelry, everything from bulky jewelry that really makes a statement to the famine and dainty Hawaiian abalone and paua jewelry worn by beach bums to movie stars around the world!

As a kid we would find abalone shells on the beach in abundance but now a days they’re not so common to find just laying around. they have become more precious and more appreciated by those of us whom love this natural beauty. There was even a time back in the 60’s and 70’s when it was very popular to seen them as ashtrays, I cant imagine using these beautiful shells for that purpose?

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Tropical Abalone Jewelry

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Below you will find beautiful Abalone shell and Paua shells that are created into such tropically inspired pieces of everyday casual jewelry, Tropical Jewelry or for dressy more elegant evening jewelry to enjoy the natural beauty that nature gives us.

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The most unique and beautiful jewelry with a taste from the islands, perfect as a gift to yourself or to give to that special someone in your live.

Enjoy the beauty from the bottom of the ocean with Tropical Abalone Jewelry!

Tropical Abalone Shell Jewelry

The inside of these abalone shells are what are used to create some of the most colorful and beautiful tropical jewelry.

Beautiful Tropical Abalone

No matter if its earrings, a pendant, bracelet or rings, you will love the look of these sea shells with so many colors or iridescences that were hand made into beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Tropical Jewelry

Wear the popular jewelry form the islands that has become popular all around the world for those of all ages.

Abalone Beads

There are many designers whom have come together to bring you the best quality of tropical abalone, paua and abalone beads in the most beautiful jewelry and best prices anywhere online.

Abalone Rings

Rings made of abalone can be worn casually or one of these rings can accent an upscale dress when you want to bling it up!

Abalone Cufflinks

Every man needs a pair of cufflinks with abalone, a subtle touch of elegance with these made with Abalone Shell.

Abalone Shell Earrings

Have beautiful flashes of color dangling from your ears dripping with beauty and iridescence.

Hawaiian Jewelry

I have brought the best of the best right here at affordable prices for you to enjoy or to give as gifts to loved ones and friends.

Tropical Abalone

Beautiful shell jewelry is perfect for everyone in the family, Men, Women, Teens and Children.

The shells of abalones have a thick inner layer of the shell which is a accumulation of nacre or otherwise known as mother-of-pearl, which is highly iridescent with a range of strong and changeable colors such as blue, green, black, white, purple and pink shades which are quite spectacular making the shells highly desirable for many things including beautiful jewelry.

Tropical Abalone Jewelry

Tropical Abalone Jewelry

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