African Lily

African Lily

The African lily are just another tropical flowers that are originally from South Africa.

It is known as many names around the world including Agapanthus Africanus, Agapanthus Flower or Lily of the Nile. Its beautiful purple flowers adorn many tropical gardens everywhere around the world.

These are so easy to grow and so reliable its ridiculous.

I have several of them in my front yard and backyard gardens and I never had to worry about them surviving through the winter, any drought, they are so hardy they just never die back.

I can always count on their long lush sword like leaves to be there all year round and best of all I know that year after year those beautiful blue, white and purple flowers that are funnel shaped small flowers will grow in clusters that will bloom with very little attention adding a tropical look color and texture to any garden.

This Tropical African Lily of The Nile is a Perennial evergreen herbaceous plant which means that the stems are soft or succulent and green, opposed to brown and woody like a shrub or small tree.

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These are one of the most rewarding tropical plants to grow because they are lush and green all year round then you get the fireworks of purple flowers bursting from the greenery creating a most magnificent look to your garden!

Blue African Lily

from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

African Lily

Caring For Your African Lily

Although where I live I really don’t have to worry about moving these plants indoors during the winter because here in Southern California it is considered to be a Sub Tropical claimant.

But in many climates where you may get prolonged periods of frost or snow in the winter you may need to keep them in containers and brought indoors for the cold winters.

There are several varieties, like I have shown for you in the pictures of these flowers, some will come with white or purple flowers and others with patterned leaves or a mixture of the two colors combined.

The Agapanthus can stems with the flower blossoms can reach anywhere from 18 inches to 4 feet high and the older the plant ages well just like a fine wine, the plant looks better than the year before.

African Lily

African Lily

The Lily Of The Nile..What Makes Plants Grow

It really doesn’t take much to grow the agapanthus flower, I have some that are in shade all year round and others that are in the sun all year.

So As far as my experience it does well just about anywhere...

The flower clusters will grow to at least 6 inches in diameter sometime larger, this is usually with the older more mature plants.

The plant prefers full sunlight and also grows best in zone 9.

A well drained soil is favorable that is sandy with a medium loamy soil. Its said it grows best in full sun but the ones I have in full shade contradicts this.

The African lilies love a moist soil but will do best it you let the soil dries out before watering again.

During the spring and summer months you can add fertilizer once every other month but it’s not mandatory in order to get your plant to bloom but it can help to ensure a healthier plant and deeper color flowers.

Flowers that are related species include the clivia, daffodil, lycoris, alstroemeria and narcissus.

African Lily

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