Tropical Ageratum Flower, Ageratum Houstonianum and Ageratum Conyzoides

Tropical Ageratum Flower

The Ageratum flower has exotic clusters of small fuzzy Blue Violet, lavender, white or purple annual flowers which names are artist blue violet, artist rose ageratum, ageratum houstonianum, ageratum conyzoides, artist purple ageratum, artist blue ageratum, and artist alto blue ageratum.

In many place this is considered to be an invasive weed but its actually a rainforest plant that is native to tropical rainforest in Central America, Brazil, Guatemala, Belize on the Caribbean Sea, parts of Mexico and all along the southern parts of the Pacific coast.

It is also known as ageratum houstonianum, ageratum conyzoides, - white weed, and floss flower.

These beautiful flowers and dense green foliage are perfect for any tropical garden, great for borders for your flowerbed or around the base of trees.

They will bloom any time from mid to late summer and as late as early winter.

If you love having Birds, butterflies or even bumble bees in your garden then this flower is perfect! With its sweet fragrance it will draw them to your garden.

It can grow as tall as two feet and isn’t an easy plant to contain, so growing this needs a lot of attention if you growing it, meaning trimming, and weeding it.

Purchase them and learn how to grow them in your garden.

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Ageratum Flower

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These awesome flowers add so many shades of purple to your garden and also bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden making it even more enchanting.

Artist Blue Ageratum

from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Ageratum Flower

Ageratum Flower

Growing Ageratum Flowers and Plants

These are fast growing plats so make sure not to grow them too close together about 6 inches don’t worry it will full up quicker than you think.

Full sun is best except in places that are more south that get a stronger hot tropical sun, in this case plant it where it will get morning sun and shade in the afternoon.

Putting mulch around the plant will help suppress weeds and keep the soil moist.

Keep the soil moist but don’t water the leaves, this will cause them to burn and turn brown but worse fungal diseases which it is prone to.

Fertilize once a month any type works great with this easy going plant.

You will need to cut off the dead bloom to keep the plant looking healthy.

Ageratum Flower

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