Exotic And Tropical Alpinia Purpurata

Alpinia Purpurata

I love the Alpinia Purpurata, it was always one of my favorite tropical flowers because of the colors and textures were very alluring.

The different types and names of this tropical flower are alpinia zerumbet, alpinia officinarum, alpinia galanga, alpinia vittata and alpinia luteocarpa.

For the first time in my life this Feb 2016, while in Hawaii on my honeymoon I got to see these Beautifully Exotic Flowers growing in the wild randomly around the island, they held me in a daze with their beauty.... it was Awesome!

These exotic flowering plants are mostly recognized in tropical floral arrangements like most exotic flowers they really stand apart form most others.

If you look around your neighborhood you will almost never find them growing in common gardens, and what a shame they are magnificent Tropical Flowers.

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Alpinia Purpurata

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These exotic and beautiful ginger plants can be very delicate to the sun because of its waxy leaves, which makes perfect sense, just as if you were to put a piece of wax in the sun it would melt, so becareful where you place them.

These fabulous ginger plants are also grown as a houseplant quite successfully, but it is most commonly seen growing wild in Hawaii, Belize or Florida. Unfortunately most of us will never see them growing in their natural habitat which they are absolutely stunning and full of bright colors.

Alpinia Purpurata

Alpinia Purpurata

The alpinia elatior red ginger you will see all over the place in Hawaii and other tropical areas.

Most don't know that it is the national flower in beautiful Samoa, where I have many friends from the beautiful island. My friends say that this flowers is called Teuila and it can be found growing everywhere.

Florida has very similar tropical conditions temperatures that don’t get below 40 so this makes the growing conditions perfect for this beautiful flower and is why it’s grown abundantly there.

Alpinia Purpurata

With the Alpinia growing it the shade is what’s best for this beautiful flower with lots of humidity and moisture, although it can tolerate full sun in some areas just not all day. It loves to be watered often.

Its two varieties are called Jungle King and Jungle Queen.

Alpinia Purpurata

The Alpinia purpurata is a very invasive plant yet is very spectacular year round and very easy to care for.

All the Alpinia gingers can grow to be fairly large and grow from 6 to 8 feet.

Not to mention they are amazing to look at and are definitely considered to be one of the most exotic flowering plants.

What's great is that they can be grown in large containers in the garden or in your home as a house plant for the ultimate tropical look and decor in your home.

These flowers will need a moist environment, misting can be necessary depending on where you live.

Always avoid the soil becoming totally dry.

The flower is a given for tropical floral arrangements and is used with other popular exotic flowers like Torch ginger and heliconias with big green leaves, its usually the focal point of a tropical arrangement.

Alpinia Purpurata

Alpinia Purpurata

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