Tropical Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily

The Amazon lily is the forgotten rarely seen exotic white lillies are from Tropical South America.

Learn all about the beautiful white lillies eucharis grandiflora and how to grow them for your tropical garden which brings the amazon rainforest to your home.

The Amazon lily is very beautiful but forgotten rarely seen exotic types of lillies also known by its scientific name of plants as Eucharis Grandiflora and the Peruvian Daffodils. But they really aren’t Peruvian daffodils they’re actually a completely different flower.

Learn all about the eucharis grand flora and how to grow them for your tropical garden.

These amazing flowers have large deep green foliage like thick spears shooting up from the ground and will produces 3-6 white flowers.

These lilies will grow best in zones 7 to 11 and loves humidity, but will still grow well in areas that have no humidity.

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Amazon Lily

Eucharis Grandiflora the Amazon Lily

The Lily is a shade loving plant originated from Tropical South America, Ecuador to be exact, and is slowly making its way around the world in more tropical and subtropical climates.

Amazon Lily

The Growing and care for these types of lillies can easy but they do require some attention to get tem started.

They are shade loving plants so be careful where you plant them.

When planting your bulbs dig a small hole and only cover them with rich soil 1 inch.

Always add a growth boosting fertilizer to help the bulbs along their way. If you want your bulbs to bloom faster you can induce flowering by making sure the bulbs are getting at least four weeks of temperatures of 80 to 85° degrees.

So if you can plant them in a pot and don’t worry about over crowding the bulbs, they actually like it, but for the first four weeks have them in the full sun.

Then you can transplant them into a shady area that has more

than 50 percent of shade during the day.

It can take up to 12 weeks until your bulbs flower, but you may not have success the first time around.

You white flowers will flower in the spring.

They make an excellent potted plant for outdoor or indoors as a fantastic Tropical house plant.

Oops, I forgot to mention how wonderfully fragrant these flowers are, indoors or out!

Remember to keep the soil slightly moist all the times.

Also avoid temperatures bellow 45° degrees, the bulbs will go dormant if the temperatures goes near freezing.

There isn’t a lot of detailed information about this flower because of how uncommon it is, but I gathered up as much information as I could.

I’m sure as this beautiful flower gets more noticed and recognition the botanist will start to give out more details.

Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily

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