Tropical Angel Trumpet Plant and It's Flowers

Angel Trumpet Plant

Everyone who sees an Angel Trumpet plant/tree will fall in love with them.

The angel trumpet flowers are so stunning with their light bell shaped cones that look like they could float through the air, colorful with soft pastel colors or purple, pink flowers to bright yellow flowers and can be very fragrant.

I always thought that a Angel Trumpet were only trees because that was th only way I had ever seen them, but by reading up on them I found that it is actually a flowering shrub but most people like me view it as a tree.

I think probably because they look more beautiful as a statuesque tree but I also found out that you get moor flowers by growing it as a tree. My girlfriend has one in her back yard and its probably 8 feet tall or more and sooooo beautiful when its in bloom.

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Angel Trumpet Plant

Angel Trumpet Flowers For Sale

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Angel Trumpet Plant

Angel Trumpet Plant

Above are double angel trumpet flowers, Beautiful...

Like most tropical plants whom growing habits are very similar, the Angels trumpet prefers damp conditions with warm days and cool nights.

This exotic and tropical looking Angel Trumpet Plant has that amazing scent that leaves you wanting to sit by it and just enjoy its beautiful fragrance.

There are five species of the trumpet plant included the Datura genus.

All parts of the angel trumpet plant are narcotic and poisonous. As a warning the Angels trumpet plant is extremely toxic so pleas be careful with children and animals and if you have this tree let the children know to stay away, Most children and animals wont eat flowers but better safe than sorry

Flowers and plants that grow well with this beautiful angel trumpet plant are, Hostas, Dianthus, Acalypha Wilkesiana(copperleaf), Sloenostemon 'Aurora', Solenstemon 'blackberry' Artemisia, even petunia integrifloia. Just to make it fun try sll of them, together you'll have a very colorful bright garden that will take your breath away!

Angel Trumpet Plant

Angel Trumpet Plant

Burgmansia Apricot and Sanguinea

The seeds of these plants can be slow to germinate but one secret is to keep your plant growing healthy continually is to keep it moist with humid conditions if at all possible, the same goes for the seeds, if you want to propagate the plant.

I tried taking a branch from my friends tree to see if I could get it to grow but no luck.

I read that you should be very careful with the seedpod because of its extremely dangerous liquid, and should not be touched with bare skin.

If you already have an angel’s trumpet plant you are very lucky to be able to enjoy its beauty year after year and its sweet smell.

This is a tender plant and the branches of this plant break easily, so prune your tree to keep it more dense and it will be stronger for that instead of having straggly branches.

The Angel trumpet flower needs a lot of water and you should use fertilizer at least twice a year with either time released pellets or a liquid to make sure you tree gets optimum nutrients in order to produce a maximum amount of beautiful blooming fragrant flowers for you to enjoy.

Another piece of advice would be make sure your plant has some shade during the hot part of the day, yes the angel trumpet does prefer to be in full sun, but the heat from the sun can result in slowed growth, it can cause the leaves to fall and also very little blooms to be produced and can actually burn the blooms, depending how hot it gets and if its in the sun all day long.

Don’t forget....Either a time released which I love to use or just plain fertilizer will do.

You'll be thankful you decided to plant an angel trumpet or Brugmansia plant in your garden they’re truly beautiful and smells great.

Angel Trumpet Plant

Angel Trumpet Plant

Angel Trumpet Plant

These beautiful blooming plants botanical names are Brugmansia or Datura and like the night blooming jasmine opens after dark and remains open until the sunlight hits them the next morning. Angel trumpet has such a strong smell that fills the air in your garden with such a beautiful smell.

The angel trumpets natural habitat is Southeast Brazil and is also grown in places like California, Florida, Mexico and some places in Central America.

Angel Trumpet Plant

angel trumpet plant

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