The Beautiful and Delicate Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

These tropical and Beautiful delicate Angel Wing Begonias are one of my favorites in the begonia family and growing begonias like these are rewarding when you see these flowers bloom and grace your home and garden.

With its soft hanging pink flowers fluttering like the wings of angels in flight, these great begonia flowers are easy to grow.

This flower has an interesting background on how this hybrid came about by a armature breeder called Eva Kenworthy Gray whom lived the beautiful sunshine state of California and was growing begonias.

1926 she took the Brazilian begonia, its scientific name of plants is Begonia aconitifolia with a privately cultivated plant owned by a Swiss family plant called Begonia coccinea 'Lucerna'.

This collaboration of the two gave birth to the Angel Wing Begonia which its genealogy originates and is native to the tropics and rainforest.

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Angel Wing Begonia

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Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

This is the Stigma of a Begonia

The leaves on this plant are very recognizable with its jagged and pointy green leaves that usually have white spotting on them. Like most begonias they are easy to grow and do well in most any garden year after year.

Begonias are perennials and are one of the most common tropical house plants that you will see in people’s homes.

Learn how to grow these begonias, purchase them and grow them in your home or garden.

Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

Angel wings are in the cane grouping of begonias, which are distinguishable because of their long stems with slightly swollen joints "nodes" resembling bamboo plants.

If you take the time to prune your cane like begonias it will help to keep the plants full with lots of flowers, they can get out of had quite quickly.

If growing from seeds, when it reaches approximately 5 to 8 inches this is when you want to pinch the top growing shoots after several weeks it will start to develop lateral shoots

At least once a year you will want to prune it drastically because if you don’t the Angel Wing Begonia tends to get straggly and lanky.

Angel Wing Begonia

These begonias prefer to have bright yet filtered light for optimum growth and for the best production of blooms. As with most house pants that like lots of sun will benefit the most from morning sun, or late afternoon sun.

When watering, angel wings they love moisture although they will require a well drained soil that doesn’t stay wet. Using Organic compost is perfect for retaining just enough moisture to keep it happy.

Cuttings from the top of the plant can be rooted into water and is best if placed near a window. Once it starts to sprout roots either plant them in the same pot as the mother plant to make it fuller or you can start fresh and put it into its own pot or container

Blooms will appear late spring and throughout the summer if it’s grown in full sun and this begonia can tolerate extreme heat for short periods of time.

The color of your flowers will depend on the amount of sunlight it gets. The more sun it gets the brighter the pink your flowers will be.

Angel Wing Begonia

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