The Exotic Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant

The Tropical Genus Anthurium plant is the largest in the Aroid family and contains more than 700 species and believe it or not anthurium care, anthurium growing can be fairly easy due o the fact it is one of the most popular Tropical plants grown.

The one that I really love is the Anthurium Andraeanum, sometimes called the Flamingo Flower the colors are just beautiful and are the perfect anthurium flower grown as exotic house plants, check out the pictures of anthurium below.

These beautifully tropical flowers come in several colors not jut red flowers as most seem to think. They also have an incredible vase life lasting what seems like forever which is a definite plus.

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anthurium plant

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This very traditional tropical flower can grow just about anywhere and with different conditions; it mostly loves and favors places like its natural habitat in Columbia, South America and Hawaii which are warm with lots of humidity. But Hawaii seems to come to mind first when thinking of these flowers where we see those most often.

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If you want to give your home a tropical look without spending too much money then these exotic flower

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anthurium plant

anthurium plant

anthurium plant

anthurium plant

This One Above is my favorite of all the Flamingo Anthurium Flowers

The Anthurium flowers are one of the most recognizable and most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowers and really are stunning and once the flowers bloom they stick around for a long time adorning your home and garden with beautiful color.

When you see tropical flower arrangements, almost every time you will see an anthurium flower in it, it’s s given when creating a tropical floral arrangement.

anthurium plant

Anthurium Care

Be careful where you plant your exotic flower, it will need to be protected from direct sunlight.

Anthuriums do like plenty of light for full and lush growth also to grow the best flowers as possible, but filtered or bright indirect sunlight is what is best for it.

I made the mistake of putting it too close to a window and over watering it and my anthurium plant didn’t flower for 3 years, but I moved it and it was happy again and finally bloomed. But only one bloom, I guess it’s a start.

Anthuriums like temperatures up to 90 degrees during the day and no colder than 65 degrees at night. Temperatures below 40 degrees will slow the growth of the plant and possibly kill it.

They do love water but they grow best if you let the soil dry out a little before you water again, but don’t let it get bone dry it won’t grow very well if you do, but in the same breath you can get root rot and yellowing of the leaves if you water too often.

If you live somewhere, where it may get hotter than 90 degrees or if it gets close to freezing you should plant it in a pot so that if it gets too hot or too cold you can bring it into the house where it will grow just fine as long as its near a window, but no direct light.

You should always fertilize your anthurium flowers about once every other month, with either slow release granules which is my favorite or with a liquid fertilizer.

Anthrium care isn’t too difficult, they just needs to be tended to and cared for, this is not a plant that will tolerate neglect.

When growing a anthurium plant in a container, I learned the hard way that you need to repot this beautiful tropical flower that tends to be finicky. You may have to repot every year but that’s only if your lucky and have a very healthy plant, basically the discretion is up to you when you feel its starting to no longer look healthy repot quickly!!!

Anthurium Plant

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