Topical Asplenium Nidus or
Birds Nest Fern

Asplenium Nidus

In this picture below it shows asplenium nidus and how it is often grown wild in its natural habitat or as one of the tropical rainforest plants that made its way to other tropical locations.

This great Tropical fern is also known as the Spleenwort, Shuttlecock, but it is widely recognized by its Botanical Name Asplenium N. and mostly known as Birds Nest Fern.

This birds nest fern is one of my favorite epiphytic ferns that are so beautiful, tropical and has a look like no other ferns, growing inthe most bizzare places.

Birds nest fern oddly enough will grow just about anywhere it wants.

As you can see on this tree branch or on a rock or driftwood just about anywhere that allows it to have just a bit of moisture.

It is such a diverse plant not to mention beautiful, with its long incredibly beautiful ruffled green leaves, to me this is the ultimate evergreen plants that will thrive no matter what.

Birds Nest Ferns are well known as a hardy evergreen plant, and that’s an understatement!

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asplenium nidus

Topical Asplenium Nidus or
Birds Nest Fern

This is one of my favorite tropical ferns because of its thick green and unique leaves, they make any room or any place they are plated look so exotically tropical. These plants rarely come availble so in the mean time I have provided the best qaulity Silk Bird Nest Ferns that look real!

Large Birds Nest Fern Hanging Basket Large Birds Nest Fern Hanging Basket

asplenium nidus

asplenium nidus

How to grow Asplenium Nidus AKA Birds nest Fern

These tropical ferns are indigenous to Hawaii and can be seen everywhere if you look, it also grown in exotic tropical places lie Polynesia and can be found even in Africa. Originally this beautiful evergreen is native to Tropical Asia.

They can grow either terrestrially, which means on the ground or epiphytically, meaning without dirt and it can grow trees or on rocks, all it needs is air and moisture in the air occasionally.

In Hawaii, they have been know to grow at elevations up to 2,500 feet. Wow!

This spectacular Asplenium Nidus, epiphytic fern with the color of florescence and an unmistakable green fronds that can grow over 20 inches long sometime up to 50 inches long and can be as wide as 8 inches.

Birds Nest Fern Is One
Of My Favorite Tropical Ferns !

asplenium nidus

This tropical fern needs a bright warm, moist, humid condition and Well-drained soil mix.

Its best to use a soil mix consisting of 2 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sand or partite.

If you add a small amount of bark chips it will help increase drainage and 14-14-14 slow release fertilizer for nutrition.

Moisture is a big necessity for this fabulous fern especially when its, in the prime if its season.

This evergreen plants or better known as birds nest fern is propagated by division or by spores. This is common for these types of plants just like the Cana or Cordyline are propagated the same way.

Newly grown spores can be separated from what I call the mother plant, then collected, Sow spores on damp peat moss in late winter and watch it take off in the spring.

The best time to germinate these beautiful broadleaf evergreen plants is what’s considered a perfect temperature 65 to 72 degrees. The growing medium should be kept constantly moist but not soaked, then cover it with a large glass or even in a cup then cover the top with plastic wrap to keep moisture in.

As soon as these baby plants are large enough to handle you can then be transplanted into a pot or if it is in a protected area the ground. Its Very Important not to over water this plant.

asplenium nidus

Asplenium Nidus

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