Tropical Balloon Vine

Tropical Balloon Vine

The Tropical Balloon Vine is also known as love in a puff, cardiospermum halicacabum and it can look weedy and are invasive vines originating from Tropical Africa, Asia, America and was introduced to Australia as an ornamental vine and creeping vines.

The love in a puff vine can be recognized fairly easily because of its distinct compound leaf with its light green thin textured, but softly hairy leaflets.

Its flower stalks start by bearing small white flowers that will bloom from the leaf axils of the plant at the beginning of the summer and in some areas they will continue to bloom and bare fruit all the way through to winter.

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Tropical Baloon Vine

Balloon Vine, Love In a Puff, or Cardiospermum halicacabum

Where this unusual flowering vine gets it name is not from the flowers but from the fruit that develops after the flowers have bloomed that are balloon like as you can see from the pictures, that are very thin walled puffy inflated capsules, and within this capsules there are large black seeds.

These are rainforest vines that can be very invasive climbing vines but you will find yourself drawn to them because of the exotic flowers and fruit that is produces, if you have been lucky enough to see one in person or have had the opportunity to grow them, it is truly a privilege and quite amazing.

Tropical Baloon Vine

This vine is categorized as annuals, tropical and tender perennial flowering vines and invasive creeping vines that grow best in zones 8 to 11 and love full sun.

The Cardiospermum halicacabum is an exotic combination of

beautiful green leaves with its distinctive puffy pods that change from a light green then evolving into a rust color.

These exotic flowers will look perfect in almost any landscape or garden bed, Love-in-a Puff (Balloon Vine) brings elegance to any setting.

Growing to approximately 8 feet in height, you may start them inside 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost or direct-sow after danger of frost to insure the hardiness of your plant when you actually plant them in your garden.

The love in a puff vine is the perfect tropical annual that reseeds each year so you can count on its beauty coming back year after year!

So if you are looking for something extraordinary and unusually beautiful an unique, this the Love In a Puff, or Cardiospermum halicacabum vine will be the perfect addition to your exotic garden!!!

Tropical Baloon Vine

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