The Unique Bengal Bamboo

Bengal Bamboo

The Tropical Bengal Bamboo is from the Southeast Asian Rainforest when looking at it you will see how it got its name. I believe it got its name because the rainforest is close by Bangladesh, and its people are called the Bengali.

Tts real god given name is the Bambusa tulda but also goes by Calcutta Cane, Spineless Indian Bamboo and is actually not a plant, it is considered to be grass, yet this plant/grass are approximately 3 inches around. Who thought to classify this as grass?

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Bengal Bamboo

Bengal Bamboo

Like most bamboo this plant is very fast growing and intrusive, it will grow where ever it wants when it wants, so unless you are living an a tropical jungle if you plan on growing bamboo in your yard, make sure you use a bamboo barrier. A bamboo barrier is usually 24 to 30 inches from top to bottom and you would put it in the ground as a barrier to keep the bamboo contained to where you want it to grow.

These rainforest plants can grow up to 80 feet tall on the floors of the rainforest biome, where they are happy with lots of moisture and little direct sunlight.

It will endure temperatures as high as 100 degrees and as cold as 40 degrees without complaining. They are a very care free as far as caring for bamboo plants they do quit well left on their own. Give them a little water and soil and you'll never get a complaint.

Bengal Bamboo

More Tropical Bengal Bamboo Facts

The Bengal Bamboo is the most used bamboo species of them all.

Besides being a major food source for pandas and other wild life, this bamboo is the main source used for making paper in India, and is used for making all types of furniture around the world.

It’s also used for flooring,(which is my favorite) cabinetry as well and plates, bowls, platters and now making clothing and towels, sheets are becoming very popular.

If you choose to grow bamboo in your garden if you are unable to use a bamboo barrier to contain its growth, you can plant them on large containers. I personally think bamboo is beautiful and really adds a tropical look to any home or garden,

Yes bamboo can be grown indoors but it may eventually out grow the roof, bamboo is notorious for spreading so don’t worry about cutting it back or pulling shoots that get to ling, more will be on its way.....

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Bengal Bamboo

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