The Exotic Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bird Of Paradise Plant... This beautiful flower is adorned in many Tropical and sub tropical gardens around the world, used in many home landscapes in costal cities and for sprucing up businesses gardens and most popular as a Tropical Decor plant and is known as being the bird of paradise tropical plant.

This well known exotic flower, with its bright orange flowers the bird of paradise definitely stands out in any garden.

This plant was named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz, German born queen of Great Brittan’s George III.

Most don’t know that this striking flower is native to South Africa but are now more widely growing exotic places like Hawaii and in Southern California everywhere.

Oddly enough this exotic plant is closely related to the banana plant it doesn’t make sense unless you look at one and look at them closely you will see a little commonality and understand why they’re related starting from the flowers to the leaves.

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Bird Of Paradise Plant

Buy The Beautiful Bird of Paradise Plant

These are one of the hardiest tropical plants that you can buy for your garden. They add such a tropical look with such ease and still grow with neglect, they are indestructible.

The bird of paradise is often used in tropical gardens as focal points and because they are so low maintenance and can tolerate drought, it makes it desirable to grow especially for the amateur tropical gardener.

My favorites are the Mexican bird of paradise plant and the white bird of paradise plant.

The Bird of Paradise Tropical Plants are the perfect tropical evergreen plant!

Bird of Paradise Pictures

Buy these beautiful tropical flower pictures to add color and beauty to your home or office.

The Bird of paradise plant, it's more common and widely recognizable species is strelitzia reginae, grows to about 3 to 4 feet tall with long, beautiful banana like leaves but thinner and extremely striking flowers of orange and purple, I have a silk arrangement by my front door with these in it and I must say tropical floral arrangement wouldn’t be the same without them.

The evergreen leaves of bird of paradise never shed so they don’t make a mess and are why you may see it often around pools, they’re the perfect low maintenance plant, which provides green tropical leaves all year round.

Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bird Of Paradise Care and Growing Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise flowers grows in just about any type of soils, but does best in fertile, organic soils with good drainage.

It is considered to be a slow growing plant which in many cases is a good thing, this help you keep the plant in control of how big it gets and keeps it from being invasive to other plants.

For good flower production, place plants in sunny or partially shaded locations.

Plants grown in partial shade will be taller and have somewhat larger flowers. In full sun, plants are smaller and flowers are on shorter stems.

The bird of paradise will tolerate light salt spray but should not be used in exposed locations too close to the ocean.

We had one of these right off the porch in the front of our house and never got direct sunlight and it grew fantastically year after year I'd say a good 40 years plus.

They really are so easy to care for all my other did was water it once in a while. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Easy Palnting of Strelitzia flowers

When planting the Bird Of Paradise Plant just like most plants when planting, you should dig a hole about 2 to 3 times the diameter of the root ball and put fertilizer at the bottom of the hole.

Make it as deep as the root ball is tall. Before planting, thoroughly water the plant and remove it from the container.

Gently place the plant in the hole, making sure the top of the root ball is no deeper than the soil surface. Planting too deeply may cause a delay in flowering.

Always remember to brake up the roots when you take them out of the pot before planting this allows its roots to spread and grab hold much easier.

Believe it or not its easy to propagate with the bird of paradise plant just by separating the new growth, don’t be afraid to hurt it, you can’t. Just grab it as close to the soil as you can and pull it out from the ground, it’s real simple!

By doing this you can get many new plants that will grow into beautiful flowering plants. To get the best looking plant, is to take from the mother plant and replant the offspring’s usually the best time would be right before summer starts.

Besides, thinning out the plant at the end of the season just guarantees a better looking and healthier plant for your flowerbed.

Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bird Of Paradise Plant

bird of paradise plant

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