The Tropical Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan Vine

One look at the Black Eyed Susan Vine or otherwise known as the thunbergia alata and you'll Fall in love them.

Learn how to grow this beautiful flowering vine and purchase them to grow in your Tropical Garden to make it a Paradise away from Paradise in the comfort of your own back yard.

The black eyed susan flower is bright yellow, orange, cream colored and white flowers are perfect any tropical garden, it compliments just about any tropical evergreen plants or flowers including all types of palm trees, and tropical trees.

This vine grows magnificently on an arbor or trellis adding a dramatic look to your home with its brightly colored flowers and deep green leaves.

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Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan Flower

Also known as the clock vine is a quick-growing vine that loves to be grown in full sun, so pick a good spot in your garden where it will get enough. Click on any of the links below to purchase these unique flowers.

The Black Eyed Susan Flower is native to Eastern Africa, but over time has found its way around the world found in tropical areas and biomes like Hawaii, Australia, Brazil the Tahitian islands and many parts in the most southern areas in the USA.

The Susan vines scientific name of plants is Thunbergia Alata which is in the Family of Acanthaceae.

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Most mistake the center of these flowers as being brown but if you look closely you’ll see a hint of deep purple mixed with the brown, the eye of the Susan as you will see from the Black Eyed Susan Flower pictures Above.

Growing vines Like the Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black eyed Susan vine and black eyed susan plants are typically grown as a tropical warm weather annual in Zones 6 through 11 but if grown in warmer climates such as zones 10 to 11 it will grow as a perennial vine.

Don’t worry but extreme cold conditions and frost will kill the top growth of your plant but not the roots.

For best results when growing this vine wanting it to climb up a trellis or a fence even a property line wall, you'll need to provide additional support. By attaching it with a thin wire or fishing line, to help guide and train it to where you want it to grow.

It needs average to rich well-drained soil. It really isn’t too picky when it comes to the soil.

Before you start make sure the last frost has past and the beginning of spring has started.

If you are planting starting from seeds make sure to plant seedlings approximately 3 inches away from supports.

If you are planting established plants space your plants 5 to 8 inches apart to make sure they don’t over crowd each other.

Once your plant has become established occasionally Pinch the tips to encourage branching, and this also makes your vine grow thicker and fuller.

Once it gets established it will really take off they are fast growing vines and the most you will have to do is trim your vine to get the shape you desire.

The black eyed susan flower vines can grow to about 6 to 8 feet tall in just one season and has beautiful green leaves that are not very smooth and hairy leaves that compliment its beautiful tropical flowers.

black eyed susan

Black Eyed Susan Vine

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