The Rare and Tropical
Bleeding Heart Plant

bleeding heart plant

The Beautiful Bleeding heart Plant is a Very rare plant with its bleeding heart flowers, that in the pas were incredibly hard to find. It’s one of the most spectacular blooming vines or plants that I've seen, some of the other names better known by experts as Clerodendrum Thomsoniae. Learn more about his rare plant and how to grow it!

The bleeding heart flower, bleeding heart flowers, known by all these names including its botanical names such as Dicentra Spectabilis and Clerodendrum thomsoniae, Bleeding heart, Glory bower, Clerodendron and is in the Verbenaceae family.

The Bleeding Heart Plant or Dicentra Spectabilis, originates from tropical and central Africa as do most tropical plants and flowers. This tropical exotic vine is sought after by many but obtained by few.

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Bleeding Heart Plant

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Botanical Name: Dicentra spectabilis Description: Dicentra Spectabilis bleeding heart is vigorous and winter hardy. Their dancing hearts will take your breath away in their stunning perfection.

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These bleeding heart flowers leaves are a rich green and shiny they can range from about 5 to 7 inches long with very unique head turning flowers that are exquisite and make you do a double take.

It some times takes a second look or just catching it from the corner of your eye but the bleeding hart flower becomes apparent on how it got its name.

The bleeding heart flower will bloom April to October-November in natural conditions. This Tropical plant will do what most plants do in the winter and shed some leaves and has some flowers even during the winter time. If you can place it in a sunny spot in the winter you may get some blooms.

Bleeding Heart Plant

Bleeding Heart Plant

bleeding heart plant

This was taken at the United States Botanical Garden

bleeding heart plant

Growing your Bleedng Heart Plant

Fertilization of the clerodendrum thomsoniae, rare types of tropical flowers

If you already growing a bleeding heart plant or the bleeding heart vine remember to fertilize it quarterly, and always starting in the beginning of spring to late summer, never during the winter when the plant is more dormant.

If you use fertilizers that are too rich in nitrogen this will definitely help in promoting more growth, but too much nitrogen in the soil can cause unwanted growth and may cause its beautiful blooms to slow down and not produce as much on the bleeding heart vine.

Light Conditions for your Bleeding Heart Plant

Your lighting in and around your home changes because of the time changes and with the seasons changing because of the movement of the earth and the sun, so be aware of where the sun is and try to keep your plant near it.

Always remember the northern and eastern sides of a house receive the least amount of direct sunlight, but with northern sunshine being the shadiest. On the flip side your best bet is the western and southern sides of a house receive most light unless you have high wall on those sides but are best for getting optimum exposures due to intense afternoon sun.

Make sure to notice where the sun is at different times of the day. By doing this you knowledge of the light pattern will help you choose the right spot when planting your Dicentra Spectabilis or clerodendrum thomsoniae.

How Much Sun
This plant requires full sun, it's what it loves best especially the morning sun.

Keep the soil moist.....Moist means that you should water on a regular basis soaking the soil. Be sure the soil does not dry out completely between each watering.

If you do happen to see these beautiful fast growing shrubs in bloom with its most popular, red, pink and white flowers it is usually love at first sight!

Bleeding Hearts

bleeding heart plant

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