Tropical Bottle Brush Plant

Bottle Brush Plant

The Bottle brush Plant or Tree is originally from Australia but has become known and grown all over the world.

Purchase this beautiful tropical bottlebrush trees and bottle brush plant with their showy red flowers for your garden.

This popular bottlebrush plant for some reason attract hummingbirds and birds for nesting, I have one in my front yard and every year this time there are at least 3 to 4 birds nest in it.

These Callistemon trees can easily get from 12 to 15 feet tall and when in bloom.

Out of the several types of bottle brush but the specimen callistemon citrinus can withstand a moderate frost better than most others.

Also its roots are non invasive and wont destroy walkways or driveways.

My only warning about this bottle brush bush is to not plant it around a swimming pool because when the bottlebrush tree flowers shed it can be a mess!

If your looking for a tree that is low maintenance that’s and evergreen tree and has unique blooms through the spring to summer months then these are the perfect tree for your tropical garden or for commercial landscapes and planters.

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Bottle Brush Plant

Purchase these beautiful Tropical Bottle Brush Plant Online

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Bottle Brush Plant

Bottle Brush Plant

Bottle Brush Plant

How to care for your Bottle Brush Tree

Fortunately these trees are very easy to care for and once established can pretty much grow off neglect, drought and lack of fertilization.

They Love full sun and this is where they will grow best with little care.

The best conditions for this evergreen tree to grow best is if it is grown in high temperatures ranging between 60 to 95 degrees in the summer, moist soil, and bright sunlight are recommended for this tree to grow well.

By adding a low phosphorus fertilizer to the soil early in the spring will ensure more lush foliage and lots of flowers.

You can pretty much determine the shape and height of this tropical tree, its all up to you weather or not you wish to have a big sprawling tree, or a well trimmed confined tree, either way the they’re beautiful with lots of texture and color when in bloom.

One good thing to know is that you pretty much cant kill these beautiful trees, they thrive so easily.

Bottle Brush Plant

Bottle Brush Plant

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