Exotic Bottle Palm

bottle palm

I must say the bottle palm is one of my favorites, it is just one of those palm trees species that really stands out with its exotic and unique look.

Its botanical name is Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis, try to say that three times...

If you have ever had the opportunity to see or growing palm trees that are one of these palm tree types when it blooms its absolutely spectacular with its vibrant fuchsia pink and red blooms, it makes you wish it would bloom more often.

Bottle palm originated from the exotic and tropical islands of Mascarene, specifically someplace I have never heard of Round Island, which seem to be off the coast of Madagascar.

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bottle palm

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Tropical Bottle Palm Tree

Unfortunately this exotic tree is almost non existent in its native environment.

These trees are loved and commonly used in decorative gardening all over the world, you can get it at local nurseries and more than likely it would die out because of the demand for its beauty.

Many have hinted towards trying to replant your palms on its native ground to try to get them back in their native habitat which I think is a great idea and could probably get it to replenish and reproduce.

It has been documented that there are 15 specimens left in its native habitat, luckily it has been cultivated because of its beautiful shape and unique beauty in tropical countries around the world.

It has been documented that there are 15 specimens left in its native habitat, luckily it has been cultivated because of its beautiful shape and unique beauty in tropical countries around the world.

bottle palm

Palm Tree Growing Instructions

These Tropical Palm Trees grow Very slow I know this first hand I have one in a pot in my yard that is about 20 inches and has only grown about 3 inches in a year, and it should be kept in a constantly stable area of your home because lots of fluctuations in temperature are not tolerated well by this palm.

Frost will kill them, as they are a true tropic palm and it demands to live in environments no colder than 50 degrees. Most believe that the reason the bottom of this tree is expanded because it full of water, Not true its just its natural figure.

People who want to use them in ornamental gardens should live between USDA zones 10 and 11.

Absolutely full sun to short periods of shade, don’t put it in a spot where it will be exposed to wind. it can be quite picky when acclimating but that’s ok considering the unique beauty they bring us.

Dealing with very poor soil can be tolerated as well as salt spray, this is because of its natural environment from Round Island, and your palm will grow much better, faster and healthier if you use good soil and a fertilizer.

You can grow your bottle palm indoors or in pots in your garden, and be just as happy as of growing in the ground.

If you live in cold areas you can bring it in during the winter but science we run heaters during the winter make sure to keep it moist and to make it really happy spray it with water from a water bottle.

They also do well in indoor tropic gardens, as long as they get lots of sun.

bottle palm

bottle palm

Growing Your Palm

It requires full to partial sun.

Likes moderate water, so during the dry season it must receive adequate watering and make sure to soak it well when you do water.

Fertilize three times per year, in the spring, summer, and fall with palm fertilizer and or blood meal.

Thank goodness It is not prone to major pest or disease problems I love it when its pest free and easy maintenance.

This palm is not self cleaning so the leaf base from the dried fronds must be manually removed from the trunk to maintain a smooth traditional and tidy appearance. Be careful not to damage the trunk, if it doesn’t give way easily wait a week or when it does come free without much struggle.

This easy to grow beauty is becoming a gardener's favorite, even beginners love this because of its odd exotic look as well as its low maintenance requirements.

bottle palm

bottle palm

After Transplanting Your Tree

After you transplant palm trees in your yard you can count on it growing up to nearly 20 feet tall when mature but it can take many, many years to reach that height, which this is one of the features of this bottle palm tree that I love.

Planting palm trees in your garden is the perfect choice for creating a tropical look and feel to your gardens exspecially bottle palm trees.

These Tropical beauties will make a great addition to any home office or landscape an it will give your garden a true sense of the tropics with very little cost or effort.

Buying real plants are always a win, win situation they are great for in your home and office because they act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier and will remove Carbon Monoxide from the air and replace air with fresh Oxygen.

Real plants and palm trees make your home feel like a peaceful tropical garden by giving you the feel as if you have brought the tropics into your garden.

Bottle Palm

Above are the beautiful bottle palm blooms I spoke of earlier, aren’t they magnificent!

bottle palm

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