Tropical Bower Vine

Tropical Bower Vine

The Tropical Bower Vine is an evergreen ornamental vine originally from Eastern Australia. Purchase this climbing vine, which are Perennial Flowering Vines to grow in your exotic tropical Garden.

The Pandorea Jasminoides were originally found growing the wild in the rolling hills above Rio de Janeiro, so there is a conflict of where it actually originated from. Either way I'm just glad we are able to grow them, they are a perfect addition to any garden giving it a lush and beautiful look.

But as of today these flowering vine plants are no longer found growing in its native habitat, what a shame.

The bower is considered to be very fragrant vines that are perfect for creating an aromatic garden smelling of exotic delicate light fragrance not to mention the beautiful flowers on the vine and guaranteed to bring beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

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Tropical Bower Vine

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Besides being a beautiful and the perfect climbing vine, these types of vines are also grow well in hanging baskets draping over the sides and its perfect for small porches or decks to add beauty to them. These vines grow fantastic in coastal areas but only as long as it is protected from direct and persistent wind.

Tropical Bower Vine, Pandorea Jasminoides

The Bower blooms in the spring, and has evergreen twining branches that are a glossy bright green foliage adding dramatic greenery to your home, they can also be a fast growing vine so plan ahead on where you plant it, and be prepared to cut it back each year.

Growing and caring for these vines are very simple, it does require to be planted in a sunny spot in your garden and it can tolerate partial shade.

It’s not frost tolerant and grows best in zones ranging from 8 and up. The perfect conditions will be well drained mulch or potting soil and use my favorite miracle grow slow release fertilizer which should be applied in early spring and then again late in the summer.

Keep the soil moist but do not over water and you’ll have beautiful flowers year after year!

These beautiful tropical flowering vines are surprisingly easy to grow and the benefits of these tropical flowers and its green lush foliage are the perfect addition to your garden.

Tropical Bower Vine

Tropical Bower Vine

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