Tropical Bromeliad Care And Growing Bromeliads

Bromeliad Care

Here you will learn the Secrets about Tropical Bromeliad Care and how Growing Bromeliads can be easy if you know what to do.

A bromeliad plant is the perfect tropical plant for your home, garden of office not to mention all bromeliads definitely add an tropical and exotic look to your home an garden.

Bromeliads are one of the best tropical plants to grow in your home not to mention one of the most popular. There is very little maintenance and lush with a definite tropical look that are tropical rainforest plants that have integrated to our homes.

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Bromeliad Care

Buy Bromeliad Flowers

Bromeliad Flowers usually produce only one single flower at a time that are either low or close to the leaves or on a stem. These flowers can live for up to six months. Buy one or two plants to help create a tropical look to your home.

These plants are mainly found in Chile, Columbia, Peru and the tropical weather of Florida.

When these plants are in full bloom they take many different shapes and sizes. Some plants are thin and flat while others are broad and full like a flower.

As Far as texture of this plant leaves can have a sticky feel to them and others are soft. The great part of this plant is that its blooms come in many different colors like, Red, Yellow, Pink, and even orange shades.

You will find that Caring for your Bromeliad Tropical plants and flowers are extremely easy to please, tolerating a variety of home environments and can be low maintaince.

By following growing secrets, you can enjoy beautiful and brightly colored plants and the bromeliad flower year after year.

Most bromeliads species are found all over. They can grow as low as sea level then moving up in elevation from rainforest where they are actually happiest but can actually be grown in deserts.

Bromeliad Care

Bromelaid Care

Growing Bromeliads and Bromeliad Care,Growing Bromeliad and Bromeliad Propagation

Here is a Big Tropical Bromeliad Secret!

Slice an apple and place it around the base of your plant in the dirt.

Pour water onto the plant in the leave so that it sis holding it as if pouring into a cup, it is best because it slowly feeds the bromeliad.

Cover your plant with a paper bag for 48 hours which helps to promote blooming.

What happens is ethylene is generated by the fruit will induce flowering. Kind of cool and it really works.

After flowering, the plants can live for one to two years, producing in the meantime offshoots or pups.

Some of the species include Ananas Comosus, Bromelia Pitcairnia, aechmeas and tillandsias. The only plant that produces an edible fruit is the pineapple, Ananas Comosus'Variegata'.

Bromeliads reproduce through offshoots or pups that eventually turn into another plant. Its pretty cool the plant reproduces itself, creating an offshoot that is a exact duplicate genetically as the mother plant. Just remove the offshoots gently then place it in the soil and keep it moist until the roots grab hold.

Tropical Bromeliad called Guzmania lingulata major prefers lots of humidity. The soil of bromeliad plants must remain moist but not wet because it will grow mold and bacterial problems.

Do not let the soil become too dry or completely dry between watering. When watering, allow tap water to sit uncovered overnight, many of the chlorine and other chemicals in the water will that can hurt or even kill your plant.

If you mist your Tropical Bromeliad early in the morning you will notice a much healthier plant for great Bromeliad Care .

During the winter, keep you plant away from heaters and keep you plant and soil moist to keep it healthy during the winter months

Use a 20-20-20 fertilizer to the soil of your Tropical Bromeliad for proper bromelaid care, every 2-4 weeks. Mature plants should be fertilized less often than younger plants but care should be taken not to over fertilize any houseplant as this can lead to leaf burn which is potentially lethal for the plant. Tropical Bromeliad plants should be fertilized with a water-soluble fertilizer that is free of lime to prevent leaf stain.

Most potting mix will work well for any Tropical Bromeliad houseplants. You can also get an epiphytic bromeliad potting mix that will generate more growth of the plant. Remember all house plant no matter what kind need good drainage.

Tropical Bromeliad Houseplant Care: Pests & Diseases

Tropical Bromeliads rarely have a pest problem, although mealy bugs and fungal leaf spots may occur.

Knowing all this for the ultimate Bromeliad Care should make it so much easier for you to now grow your beautiful bromeliads!

Bromeliad Care

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