Brunfelsia Latifolia Care

by kathryn Shirley

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Flowering Plants

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Flowering Plants

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Flowering Plants

my Brunfelsia Latifolia is quite new it was beautiful and green when i bought a few weeks ago ,,,now the leaves are turning dark grey
i has been in direct sunlight all day although the sun is not strong at the moment will this be the problem it is in a pot
i live in temperate climate in nz
do you know what is wrong with it

Hi Kathryn,

I love, love, love this plant, its one of my favorites.

It could be a couple things, one is that since its a new plant it could just be in shock from the move, in this case I would give it some root stimulator or some flowering fertilizer and wait a couple weeks to see if it starts to perk up.

The other problem could be that it does like a little bit of shade part of the day, if the sun is too intense it could be burning your leafs. But no matter what you should use a flowering fertilizer.

Here is my link to my Brunfelsia Latifolia, yesterday today and tomorrow plant

I have lots of detail care instructions on this web page for this particlar tropical flower.

I hope this information has helped you :) and let me know your progress.


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Apr 28, 2012
this plant has to adjust to new home
by: Jill

It took me months to know my plant was going to make it. Leaves turned yellow, and somewhat
turned under. After giving it time to adjust to
my home, I replanted it in a larger container with new dirt, etc.

Now is fantastic, but does not like sunshine on it. My room has lots of light all day long, will only see the early sun rise, but frowns at direct sun.

Just be patient and also make sure it gets watered well and fertilized, but making sure it has plenty of light but not direct sun. It's a
beautiful plant!!


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