The Rare and Tropical Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

The bright and beautiful brunfelsia latifolia or better known as Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, beautiful Purple Lavender and white flowers that are large, sweett smelling, are Tropical Perennials and are rarely seen in gardens.

Brunfelsia Latifolia can grow outside in pot or in the ground but only in zones 9, 10 and 11.

Believe it or not there are about 40 species included in the genus Brunfelsia all being evergreen tropical shrubs or small trees that are in the solanaceae, or nightshade family.

Here are a few plants in this family that you may recognize, include potato, tomato, eggplant and petunia.

These beautiful flowers are toxic some more than others. The Yesterday, today & tomorrow also known as Brunfelsia australis and/or brunfelsia latifolia, and is a unique plant in that each flower lasts for 3 days. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

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I hope these flower pictures will help you with flowering plant identification with types of tropical flowers the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

This fascinating 2-inch fragrant flowers open purple the first day, then turning lavender the second and almost white on its third day it’s.

How it got its peculiar name is because of how it blooms. The color change is what earns this shrub its common name Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. You will love how you'll have all three shades of purple and lavender colors blooming at once and add beautiful color to your tropical garden.

This evergreen shrubs produces its flower clusters on new growth as soon as the warm weather starts and you will see constant flowering for the summer until September October.

Its leaves grow 3-6 inches.

Yesterday today and tomorrow are love by landscapers in warmer tropical climates and are grown in conservatories where the weather in not acceptable or common for this beautiful flower

Brunfelsia Latifolia

Brunfelsia Latifolia

To grow the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant, or Brunsfelsia Latifolia, a slightly acidic soil.

This exotic flowering plant loves the warmth of the sun, but not extreme heat, so partial shade is good for this plant for a portion of the day.

When Watering make sure to soak it well then let it dry out a bit before watering again.

Although the Brunfelsia is considered a tropical perennial, they also tolerate heat surprising well for a plant that was originally grown in the Brazilian rainforest.

The Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant has evergreen leaves meaning the leaves stay on and remain green year round and can grow up to 3 to 7 feet tall, If you wish to keep it smaller in a pot or your garden just trim and prune the plant, it wont hurt it.

The flowers are not only plentiful and unusually colorful, but they are also very sweet smelling. But beware the seeds from these beautiful flowers are poisonous as is the rest of the plant. So don't allow children or pets to eat it.

Grow the Brunsfelsia Latifolia where it can be enjoyed in your garden, plant some complimentary low growing colorful flowers or shrubs that bloom in the spring and summer.

WARNING Yesterday today and tomorrow is known to contain poisonous alkaloids. The berries are especially toxic, so make sure to keep this beautiful plant away from small children and pets.

Brunfelsia Latifolia

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