Bulk Purchase of Bamboo

by Jerry

Lucky Bamboo Plant's Sold in Bulk

Lucky Bamboo Plant's Sold in Bulk

I am Mr. Jerry Lippman, and will like to make some Bulk order on the Bamboo Plants that you have for sale .. Let me know what are the types as well as sizes that you have for sale ? Also, advice if you accept Amex for payment terms or any other credit cards types ? Hope to hear from you as soon as possible...

Mr. Jerry Lippman,

Hi Jerry

First off thank you so much for visiting my site, I have worked very hard for almost two years putting it together.

go to http://www.tropical-plants-flowers-and-decor.com/indoor-bamboo-plants.html and once you click on one of the items for sale you will be able to buy in bulk or you can type in bamboo once you have clicked on one of the products it will show you ALL bamboo for sale and I believe all credit cards are accepted, these are affiliates I use on my site.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!


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