Tropical Butea Monosperma

Butea Monosperma

The Butea Monosperma is a beautiful tropical tree with orange flowers and sometimes but rarely seen with yellow flowers.

This tree is Native to India, but can now be found grown in many places around the world in warmer climates like in the Caribbean, Africa, Northern Australia the Canary Islands and similar tropical islands .

This tropical tree can grow up to 50 feet tall and when it is first being grown it can be somewhat of a slow grower, but once established it can be quite a fast growing tree and is quite stunning when in full bloom.

Also known as The Flame of the Forest or Bastard Teak grows best in a tropical or near-tropical climate, but can tolerate drought and salty conditions. That’s why its mostly seen growing near coastlines in tropic regions.

It is also known as Flame of the forest because of its fiery appearance of its flowers but also goes by bastard teak tree, Bengal kino, dhak, Parrot Tree, also known as palas and palash in India.

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Butea Monosperma

Butea Monosperma

Flame Of The Forest, or Bastard Teak Trees

Butea Monosperma

Butea Monosperma

Above are pictures of this beautiful tropical tree and its flowers from Top Tropicals

When looking at these trees you will notice that the trunk is usually crooked and bulbuls in joints its grey bark is very rough and has twisted with irregular branches.

From the end of November to January this tree isn’t very attractive with all its leaves falling off but be patient because starting by the end of January to the beginning of April this tree really comes to life with its extraordinary flowers covering the entire crown of the tree.

In the United States, you will only see it growing everywhere here in Southern California where I live, then it is frequently seen in South Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Southern Texas, Southern Arizona, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.

I am here in Southern California and we do have many of them growing all over the place and I must say, when they are in bloom they are quite stunning with it bright Orange Flowers, deep green leafes, and its massive trunk and branches.

Butea Monosperma

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