The Beautiful Butterfly Orchid

 Butterfly Orchid

Learn all about the beautiful Butterfly Orchid and all its beautiful colors...

The exotic Orchid flowers have been grown for hundreds of years, but for some reason it has become a very desired flower and those who grow them have a great sense of pride.

In popular growing areas like Hawaii, and Taiwan where these beautiful exotic flowers are known as major growers that produce the majority of Orchids that are sold around the world.

Producing these beautiful stems of multi flowers, and bright vibrant colors to subdued soft pastels are enjoyed by millions around the world.

All of these species are considered to be Butterfly including Phalaenopsis Orchid, Epidendrum tampense, O. Pupilio, Habenaria psycodes, and Oncidium krameranum. I think these have the best beautiful variety of colors.

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 Butterfly Orchid

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Below are some of the necessary items you will need to grow healthy flowering Butterfly Orchids

Don't forget to get some of these essential products to help you grow your Orchids as healthy and beautiful as possible. Identifying orchids can be difficult, I have made many mistakes when caring for orchids in the past but it’s really easy to mix them up, some look so similar and some that are in the same orchid family can look so different.

Hopefully pictures of orchids will help you identify them. I even read the book Growing Orchids for Beginners years ago which helped a lot, but there are just thousands of species its easy to get them mixed up.

There are approximately 50,000 registered orchidaceous hybrids, amazing isn’t it!

I must say they all are very beautiful and when I was a teenager before I knew the name of all of them, the Butterfly Orchids were my favorite besides the Cattleya Alma Kee.

 Butterfly Orchid

Pictures of Orchids

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Taking care of Orchids, Orchid Care Tips and Orchid Care Istructions

These Beautiful butterfly orchid requires warm temperatures and high levels of humidity, this is a given for just about every orchid. Always make sure you keep up on making sure its kept moist Its always best to give your orchids humidity by plating an over sized saucer under the pot filled with small pebbles or rocks, if you really want to make it look pretty get a clear saucer and put small colored glass pieced or small colored rocks at the bottom, then filled with water,

You need to really keep up on the maintenance and make sure to refill the water so that it never completely evaporates.

Guaranteed by doing this your orchid plant will never run out of humidity that the orchids love, giving them the feeling of their natural habitat.

If you get one that is not in their natural environments it will need extra care in the beginning.

Water the butterfly orchid every other day but don’t soak it.

Repotting orchids It is very important that Terrestrial Orchids (all orchids) have good drainage.

Combine 1 part charcoal, 3 parts fibrous peat, 1 part perlite, and 3 parts coarse grit.

When choosing a pot there are special pots made just for orchids and will accommodate the roots and should be fine in that pot for at least 2 years until you have to repot it.

A drainage hole is mandatory,

When potting make sure the top of the root growth is just below the rim of you pot.

Keeping it in place, add the pot with moist soil mix, make sure you pack the soil down firm and fill it with more until its a stable firm amount of soil.

It’s also a good idea to put mesh wire at the bottom of the pot so that soil doesn’t run out of the drainage hole.

Important Remember always make sure your orchid is getting humidity. You may also need to support your Orchids with long flower stalks by staking it.

It’s better to stake your orchids as stem grows and before buds opens and other wise it will get too heavy for the stems and droop over causing the stem to grow crooked.

Family Orchidaceae
Size Height: 0.5 ft. to 1 ft.
Width 0 ft. to 0.25 ft.
Plant Category: orchids
Plant Characteristics: high maintenance
Foliage Characteristics: deciduous
Foliage Color: green
Flower Characteristics: showy, unusual
Color Pinks, purples

Bloomtime Range Mid Spring to Early Summer
USDA Hardiness Zone 5 to 7
Light Part Shade to Part Sun
pH 5.5 to 6.5
Soil Some Sand to Clay Loam
Water Dry to Normal

Butterfly Orchid

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