Tropical Butterfly Vine

Butterfly Vine

The beautiful Tropical Butterfly Vine with its yellow flowers has been known to have a resemblance of orchids at a glance but first and foremost they truly resemble butterflies and are so beautiful.

The Butterfly Vine can be invasive creeping vines so trimming these evergreen vines will be necessary to maintain its growth which will take a bit of work but it is rewarding when you see the out come of this beautiful vine.

The tropical blooms and seedpods from these fast growing vines will appear at the same time on the plant. Having a high heat tolerance, low water needs once established, a very vigorous growth, needing little upkeep and not being attractive to pests, it is a great plant

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Butterfly Vine

Butterfly Vine

Butterfly Vine

Tropical Butterfly Vine

Butterfly Vine

This tropical flower and vine is native to central Baja, throughout southern costal Mexico, along the coast of California, and central Sonora.

They grow best in zones 7, 8,9,10 and 11.

These beautiful types of vines will grow to a height of about 15 to 20 feet tall and if not trimmed and pruned it can grow equally as wide.

Its leaves are beautifully glossy dark green leaves that are long linear leaves with pointed tips. They are usually about two to three inches long and up to 3/4 inch wide.

Its noticeable flowers Papilionaceous, looking very similar to butterflies, and are borne in pendant clusters.

The seed pods are easily noticeable with a winged shaped and papery, chartreuse seed pods that fade to a rusty tan color.

After blooming in spring, summer it has the butterfly seed pods that are light green that turn fade to a beautiful copper brown color in winter.

The Yellow Orchid Vine does well in the heat, and blooms in the hottest months of the year but don’t let that fool you they surprisingly can withstand temperatures that dip into the low 20's unlike most other tropical plants.

These vines can bloom in the sun or shade but I think they grow brighter flowers and are much happier if in the sun for most of the day.

The primary blooming period when you will see the beautiful yellow butterfly like flowers in this yellow vine is during the spring and summer.

Mascagnia macroptera is hardy sometime I think they might be too hardy and for those of you who have this incredible vine knows exactly what I’m talking about, they need lots of pruning and trimming.

Also what’s great about these flowers are that the green seed pods if picked while green, will stay green which makes them perfect in dry floral arrangements.

Butterfly Vine

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