The Tropical and Colorful
Caladium Plant

 Caladium Plant

The Caladium plant is beautiful and the most colorful tropical rainforest plants that are great for growing them as fast growing shrubs in your garden or as an exotic house plant.

Either way you'll be happy you added these plants of the rainforest to your home.

Caladium originates in the jungles of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and South America and come in many different varieties like aaron caladium, candidum caladium, caladium bulb, elephant ear caladium, fannie munson caladium, rose bud caladium and so many more.

This plant with its amazing colors will add lots of color to your home potted sitting as if its the center of attention, the colors range from green and pink to white and green, burgundy and pink and pink with green, it goes on for ever but I will show you house plants pictures of these varieties.

These plants are grown as low light house plants and should be kept out of direct sunlight although they can tolerate it, in their natural habitat in the Amazon jungles it is grown underneath canopies of large trees with lots of moisture.

Growers and farmers of this plant I think have been able to get it to adjust better in other conditions and that’s why it has evolved into house plants and easy to grow plants in general.

So don’t be afraid to growing caladiums you'll be glad you did once you see the tropical color and texture they will bring to your home and garden!

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 Caladium Plant

Here is a List Of Plant Names and Caladium Plant s For Sale

If you are looking for a colorful shrubby and lush tropical Plant then these Caladium Plants are perfect for you and your garden or indoors in your home.

 Caladium Plant

These pictures below are courtesy of Caladium Online, they have been growing these wonderful plants for three generations in Lake Placid Florida and their crops of these plants are amazing, Check them out at

 Caladium Plant

Brandy Wine

 Caladium Plant

Pink Beauty

 Caladium Plant


 Caladium Plant

White Christmas

 Caladium Plant


 Caladium Plant


 Caladium Plant

Rose Bud

 Caladium Plant

Red Flash

 Caladium Plant

Freida Hemple

 Caladium Plant


The Caladium Plants well known as a ornamental Aroids that are abundantly cultivated in greenhouses and tropical gardens.

This species Caladium which have large leaves are called Daladium Hortulanum, but others are known as Picturatum then there is a dwarf version as well that’s called Caladium Humboldtii.

These beautiful plants don’t take much to identify them because of their color and detail.

These plants prefer partial to full shade and lots of moisture.

Using fertilizer will help to promote a fuller more lush plant, time released fertilizers are usually best, Caladium online suggest a 6-6-6 fertilizers.

Always keep the soil moist, remember these are rainforest plants that live on the Amazon river banks.

They need to be kept in places where the heat doesn’t get below 60 degrees.

In the Early and Late parts of the winter they may be hard to get, but some online nurseries will take orders and are usually shipped in February.

 Caladium Plant

 Caladium Plant

 Caladium Plant

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