The California Fan Palm Tree

 California Palm Tree

Ever since I was a little girl I was always amazed at how tall the California Fan Palm trees were, it would get-up to 60 feet, That’s really tall for a tree with such a thin trunk. My biggest fear is that during a storm one would fall over onto our home because they would bend sooo much in the wind, but I've never seen one topple over yet!

These California Palm trees are considered to be what’s called Cold Hardy because it can tolerate cold weather all the way down to 15 degrees (lower depending on the age and growth of the palm tree).

These trees are fast growers and resistant to salt and drought. This species was named in honor of George Washington. That’s where its other name Washingtonia filifera came from.

It stands out because distinctive appearance, this palm tree is one of the most widely grown palms in tropical and subtropical climates.

The grey trunks of the Fan palms are barrel shaped and ringed with old leaf scars like many other palm trees, and can grow to be more than 3 feet around the base of the Palms.

You should be careful because each stem of these palm tree has thick curved thorns running along each side of the stems.

Each leaf on this palm swings freely from one another which keeps it from taking flight like sails and which is one of the reasons why this palm tree grows so tall and sturdy.

These Tropical Palm Trees are very easily propagated by birds and their droppings after eating seeds directly off the trees.

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California Fan Palm

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California Fan Palm

California Fan Palm

California Fan Palm

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Growing and Caring for Palm Trees

This Fan Palm can easily can grow up to 60ft tall so be careful where you plant them especially below power lines or near the roof of your home.

These are cold hardy palm trees and it can tolerate frost and a temperature as low as 15 degrees it really takes a lot to harm them.

It also recovers pretty quickly from any damage that may have occurred in a storm.

This particular palm tree can go without water for prolonged periods of times but naturally will be healthier in good moist soil.

It loves to be in full sun but partial shade will make it just as happy.

It can also tolerate alkaline soil. This Palm Tree can also grow in a pot but not for too long, it roots and base of this palm grow wide and fairly rapid and it will eventually outgrow it.

You will really be surprised how this is such an easy palm to grow, it can tolerate lots of neglect and drought once established.

California Fan Palm

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