Calla Lily Plant Care

Calla Lily Plant Care

Learn everything there is to know about Calla Lily Plant Care and how to grow calla lilies in your tropical garden.

See the many types of lilies in calla lily pictures helping you to enjoy the grace and beauty of the calla lily plant, help you grow calla lilies, and calla lily care.

I have about 8 calla lillies total in my garden that come back year after year with almost no care at all. I also pull small parts of them each year and give them to neighbors and friends to plant in their gardens.

Four of them are about 3 1/2 feet tall by 3 feet wide and are more beautiful each year.

The scientific name of plants of the Calla lily is zantedeschia aethiopica.

Zones 9 and 10 are perfect for growing these white flowers as will as other colored flowers that are calla lilys but if you take a little extra effort by adding mulch for zones 7 and 8.

For Colder areas with frost and snowy winters you may need to dig up the rhizomes and store them in a dry peat moss or sand at temperatures around 60° and 75° degrees, then re plant them as soon as the last frost as hit.

In tropical and sub tropical climates you can expect the care of calla lily to dwindle because it becomes somewhat dormant but will still have its beautiful big green leaves to remain all winter.

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Calla Lily Plant Care

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Calla Lily Plant Care

Calla Lily Plant Care

These flowers can be quite colorful they just don’t come in white, the colors are pink calla lilies, red calla lilies, orange calla lilies, yellow calla lilies, green calla lilies and the ever so popular white calla lilies.

Calla lily care

You can grow calla lilies in your garden or in a pot for your patio.

And with calla lily plant care they can be planted in full sun or partial to full shade depending on where you live, in warmer climates they can live in the shade 100% of the time.

All of mine except for one of them are in 100% of shade until the spring where they will get about 10% sun through summer, which shows the diversity of this flowering plant.

They love moist soil but can tolerate short periods of drought with no harm to your calla lily plant.

You can fertilize once every other month from spring to end of summer to help with the production of more flowers.

How To Grow Calla Lilies

These are more of a common house plants than most would think and they’re quite easy to grow indoors as well as out.

You need to keep the soil constantly moist, a bit more than you would think of watering it soggy is actually acceptable for this plant.

When growing house plants you need to give it lots of direct sun unlike when your are growing them outdoors.

These exotic house plants are very easy to care for, lots of water and sun is all it needs.

With calla lily plant care I recommend you use fertilizer every other month for optimum growth and flowering.

Calla Lily Plant Care

Calla Lily Plant Care

Calla Lily Plant Care

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