Rare And Beautiful Calotropis Gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

Definitely in the Rare, Exotic and Unusual category Calotropis gigantea, Crown flower or Giant Milkweed are great additions to any tropical garden!

Crown flowers, or otherwise known as Calotropis Gigantea an exotic and rare large tropical flowering shrub its blooms have a powdery look and feel to them and is leafs have the same texture as leafs from grapes.

The star like appearance is very sacred to the Hindu people, valued and protected by them.

Giant Milkweed is what it is also known by, and according to the Hawaiian culture it is a symbol of royalty and is made in to stunning leis and worn and adored by the last queen of Hawaii named Queen Liliuokalani.

The temples of India are commonly seen growing the beautiful plant and its flowers all around the grounds of the temple.

These rare tropical flowers are native to and are grown all over in places like Iran, Tibet, India and China, but will be fond on tropical islands like Hawaii.

Easy to grow these crown flowers an exotic plant that is very hardy and easy to grow, it does great with normal growing conditions and can tolerate a little neglect.

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Calotropis Gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

Calotropis Gigantea

How to propagate crown flower plants

First you must cut branches from an healthy growing established at least 10 to 12 inches long.

The branch will weep some sap so wait unil it stops, place some sprouting hormone or growth stimulating liquid at the tips of the branch.

Take the cuttings for propagation and place them at least one inch appart on a flat that has a mixture of vermiculite and black sand.

Make sure to put lots of water over all of the cuttings then cover the entire flat with a thin sheet of plastic, this caused condensation and hold the moisture in the flat.

Once you notice your cutting start to have little green leafs growing on them, take of the plastic cover but maintain the moist soil.

Now that you can see roots starting to form where you cut the branch from you are now ready to put your exotic flower into a good sixed pot and watch it grow.

As soon as your plants have grown several feet tall prune it sparingly just to help it along with more growth to become a thick healthy plant.

Calotropis Gigantea

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