Exotic and Tropical Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies are so beautiful and easy to grow tropical flowers.

So if you are looking to add a tropical splash of colored foliage or brightly colored canna plants and canna flowers in many different colors, then look no further and plant some canna bulbs to brighten your garden.

If this is what your looking for then the canna is your flower.

Purchase these tropical plants or flower bulbs and see just how easy they are to grow.

Growing cannas are easy and are so rewarding when the outcome is so obvious, a beautiful tropical paradise in your own backyard, or front yard landscape!

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Canna Lilies

Tropical Canna Lilies for Sale

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Canna Lilies

Growing Cannas and the Canna Flowers, how to grow canna

These tropical beauties grow best in tropical and sub tropical zones 8 to 11.

Your flowers will bloom repeatedly through out starting from late April to through to the end of summer.

They love full sun to full sun with partial shade.

Nutrient rich soil is best but truly as long as it is a well draining soil it will grow well.

The one thing that will damage your canna lillies plant is frost, 3 weeks ago here at the beach in Southern California we had a bout a week of really cold nights where it got down to the low 40's but I’ll tell you it really did a number on my canna plants and really did some damage fading the color of the leafs and slowed down the blooms.

The good thing is the canna lilies are very resilient and came back fairly easy, just give them time.

Snails really love the tropical evergreen foliage of this plant so take precautions for those sneaky slimy little creatures.

Keeping the soil moist is all it needs, they really aren’t very picky.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful canna lillies.

Canna Lilies

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Although the botanical name is Canna indica the plant does not come form India like some think it’s actually indigenous in tropical America and the Caribbean.

There are numerous hybrids of canna plants that are favored by gardeners throughout tropical regions and sub tropical areas where they can be grown.

The flower colors that you will most commonly see are red and yellow but you can grow them in pink, orange and cream colors. I even have one with peach flowers with bright jade green leafs.

But there are a few leaf variations for the cannas, they also come in leafs with a burgundy, pink and green which I have in my front flowerbed that is adorned with bright orange flowers.

These plants are invasive, the root stocks can spread quite rapidly and very quickly become over crowded.

Every year I divide the roots and give them to friends and neighbors to plant in their gardens so everyone can enjoy them!

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Canna Lilies

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