The Rare and Not So Rare Caper plant and its Beautiful Flowers

caper plant

Learn about the Rare and Endangered Caper Plant it's a delicate plant but raved as a delicacy in may recipes around the world.

The one that most of us know about and love to use as a spice that is called Capparis Spinosa very popular for cooking with. I love to make a cream lemon caper sauce for fish, or a lemon caper chicken recipe.

Capparis sandwichiana is a very delicate and sensitive species usually fond growing around coastal areas in the Hawaiian Islands.

What are capers? They are caper berries or the unripened buds of the flowers from the caper plant Capparis spinosa. These days it is usually know as the Hawaiian caper, and is a very close species related to the caper used for food grown in Mediterranean climates which originated from native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia, this is referred as the Mediterranean caper.

Capparis sandwichiana another name for this plant that with its rare and exotic flowers it produces is not used for culinary purposes, medicinal uses is what this plant is mainly used to help joint problems and scaring on skin.

Many plants like the caper have been harmed or have died from the destruction of its natural habitat and by other invasive plant species that are abundant on the Islands of Hawaii.

The flowering blooms of this unlikely plant are spectacular and quite amazing not at all if looking at the plant when not in bloom what you would expect it to produce.

This plant is quite amazing and how it will grow just about anywhere so it’s hard to imagine it is becoming a Rare and Endangered Plant.

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caper plant

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caper plant

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

The pictures above are thanks to Forest and Kim Star

Now the Caper Plant Capparis Spinosa The more Common Caper

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

Caper Plant

As You Can See The Flowers On Both Of These Caper Plants are Very Similar and Both Very Beautiful....

This unique plant and rare flowers are native to many areas in the Mediterranean region, throughout many costal areas. This plant grows wild in and about rocks or hills at or near the ocean.

The caper we know and love to eat comes from the edible bud and fruit called a caper berry. I dint know this but assumable there are a few more species of Capparis that are used for the small fruits within the flowers buds.

When I was Pregnant with my 4th son I craved capers on crackers like no other, he is 12 now and I still love them!

Capers can be grown easily from fresh seeds, that you can collect fresh or they can be purchased.

Once planted you can expect tot see sprouts in about 2-4 weeks.

Cuttings from semi-hardwood branches can be used for propagation and planted around September, October but don’t get too excited and don’t depend on this taking off and growing to its full potential its not very reliable, but worth a try.

They prefer full sun in and warmer temperatures and are not bothered by salt or wind.

Watering is necessary throughout the summer and very little during winter. Considered to be a deciduous plant makes it a bit more hardy than others.

Once you start to grow your new capers it may not flower until several years and can live 20 years or more. So as they say all things come to those who wait and in this case those words couldn’t be so true!

As you can see in the pictures above these flowers are Stunning!!!!!

Caper Plant

Other great ways to cooking capers that are favorites in some of the best restaurants are.. caper recipes like salmon capers, lemon and caper sauce, lemon caper chicken recipe, my favorite capers and olives used as a cracker topper, white wine caper sauce, veal scaloppine with capers, and veal cutlets with capers just to mane a few

Caper Plant

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