Caring For Orchids

Caring For Orchids

I have gathered as much Caring For Orchids, and growing orchids for beginners, growing orchids indoors, indoor orchid care, orchid care instructions and tips to help you grow these beautiful and exotic flowers in and out of your home, as well as info on Taking Care Of Orchids and Raising Orchids.

These exotic beauties are the largest family of flowering plants on earth, with over 30,000 different species, and at least 200,000 hybrids.

Orchids can be found in the tropics in homes and gardens around the world.

The reason you see them everywhere is because the orchid’s amazing ability to adapt to almost any claimant.

In their natural habitat, they not only grow in the ground which are called Terrestrial orchids, but more often than not the other types of orchids will attach themselves to the bark of trees, or the surface of other plants these are called Epiphytes orchid species.

Their roots are specially adapted to absorb moisture in the air in order for them to survive, that’s why you will find them growing best in humid climates or with man made conditions of humidity.

Caring for orchids can be easy if you learn what to do from the start.

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Caring For Orchids

Taking Care Of Orchids

As far as caring for orchids it is impossible to give general care instructions because of the fact there are so many different species and types.

But how an orchid looks color and distinctive spots or stripes can provide help in determining its care.

Here are some tips below......

When caring for orchids if it is mostly stem and little leaves or if the leaves are thick and leathery usually it wants lots of light.

If the leaves are smooth this means they do not want bright light or direct lights.

If parts of the orchids stem that are above the soil are enlarged, this is means it stores its moisture there and prefers to be grown in coarse chunks of bark or lava rock, you can usually buy this pre mixed at home depot or other nurseries, and also needs little water.

If the stem is not swollen that means it likes a spongy mixture that holds more water like a moss mixture.

Caring For Orchids

Caring For Orchids

Caring For Orchids

Orchid growing in pumice stones as the media

Plant care Orchid species

Most tropical environments where these orchids came from are a diffused sunlight which is best for most orchids.

The south and east windows are usually the best spot for growing orchids. Windows facing west can be too hot.

When caring for orchids they should be positioned no more than 6 to 8 inches away from fluorescent bulbs. The Vanda and cymbidiums orchids prefer a more intense lighting in order to flower.

Terrestrial orchids, paphiopedilums and some cymbidiums are known for growing in soil. For the most part tropical orchids are epiphyte, which means that they grow in the air, rather than in soil and are a bit easier to car for.

For people like my x mother in law who were able to grow any orchid no matter what species I have a lot of respect for because I have killed may of orchids but and been successful with many too..

Caring For Orchids

Raising Orchids & Potting Orchids

Caring for Orchids and Watering Tips, Most orchids can handle being dried out but cant handle being water logged and its chances of lush foliage and lots of blooms are less likely if over watering occurs. If you’re trying to kill an orchid just give it lots of water.

If there is anything you remember about growing orchids just remember this……. water once a week and the soil should be allowed to dry out between watering. Never let the roots or the growing medium sit in lots of amounts of water this will rot the roots. After being repotted, most orchids will slow down with its growth for a while. This is very normal so don’t worry.

Caring For Orchids

Fertilizer and Orchid Growing Tips

Liquid fertilizers in my option are necessary, but they must be diluted a bit all orchids are very temperamental.

Fertilizer should only be used when a plant is activity growing and not when dormant.

When caring for orchids Sea weed and fish are wonderful for your Orchid plants they have many nutrients that help it to thrive and flower.

Repotting orchids
It is very important that all Terrestrial Orchids have more than good drainage they like to have their roots airy.

Charcoal, fibrous peat, and perlite, are best to mix in or used as planting soil for most orchids.

When choosing a pot there are special pots made just for orchids and will accommodate the roots.

When potting make sure there are drainage holes and that when youa re pot it make sure the top of the root growth is just below the rim.

It’s also a good idea to put mesh wire at the bottom of the pot so that soil doesn’t run out of the drainage hole.

Important Remember to always make sure your orchid is getting humidity so mist them with a water bottle. You may also need to support your Orchids with bamboo sticks.

Great Orchids for Beginners

Easy Orchid Varieties for Beginners..........

For the most part the Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and Dendrobium Orchids are easier to care for as long as you can produce the correct environment for them.

Please remember, there are thousands of kinds of Phalaenopsis Orchids,so when you purchase them and don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you purchase them online, many have online tech support or you can call them or any nursery just to make sure you know what yore doing.

I recommend that beginners should start with these orchids. Masdevallia Orchids, Cymbidium and Miltonias.

Cattleya: loves up to 80 percent humidity bright light and slightly moist soil but allow it to dry out before watering again. It also likes warmer temperatures up to 90 degrees

Phalaenopsis: also loves up to 70 percent humidity bright lights and except with this orchid don’t let the soil dry out keep a constant moistness. Warmer temperatures up to 85 degrees, is preferred.

Paphiopedilum: is the same and loves humidity up to 60 percent and loves more light than the others, keep it in warmer temperatures up to 80 degrees.

It’s very important to remember that these plants come from very specific climates and you should try your best to simulate them for optimum blooms and continual growth for your orchids.

Below are some of the necessary items you will need to grow healthy flowering Orchids

Buy Pictures of Orchids

Create a beautiful and exotic look with some of the orchid pictures.

Caring For Orchids

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