Tropical Cassava Plant

Cassava Plant

The Cassava plant is also known as the variegated tapioca and it gets its name because its roots are used to make the famous and tasty tapioca pudding most of us love.

The list of plant names the cassava goes by is tapioca plant, manioc, yuca, and its scientific name of plants of this species is Manihot esculenta Crantz.

Its closely related relative plant is Variegated tapioca, it has a much more tropical look and is usually a focal point of any exotic evergreen gardens with its large green leaves that look like overgrown maple leaves with the centers of the filled with a creamy yellow color that is absolutely stunning as you will see in the shrub pictures below.

These types of evergreen shrubs are tropical evergreens and will only grow as an evergreen in warmer climates like its natural habitat and don’t do well in cold climates.

This beautiful plant originates form West Africa, Asia, India, Latin America and South America. It is widely cultivated in many tropical regions especially Amazonia where it is done so by the indigenous population. Amazonia is the region around the Amazon, in South America.

The Cassava is a major tropical tuber found throughout the tropics and is popular all over the world. The cassava root is used for cassava flour, cassava cake, and cassava chips, which are very tasty and have found these products to purchase first hand to find out how delicious as well as nutritious they really are.

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Cassava Plant

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Cassava flour, Cassava root, Cassava cake, Cassava leaves and Cassava chips.

Cassava Plant

Cassava Plant

Cassava Plant

Above is the Variegated Tapioca picture Coutesty of

My favorite of the two is the tropical Manihot Esculenta Variegata or more simply put the Variegated Tapioca. is a much prettier plant.

Once you take a look at them I'm sure you’ll understand why I choose that plant over the other.

I know the Cassava Plant roots are used to make my mothers favorite tapioca but the cassava leaves of the variegated version are much prettier.

This plant requires a warm humid climate and will die off if it is subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees for many days at a time, but other wise will live and grow as an evergreen.

It also grew great in a greenhouse or hothouse which maintains its tropical biome that it needs to live year round.

The variegated tapioca prefers bright indirect light when on the other hand the Cassava can handle direct sun with no problems.

Use and rich soil when growing either one, one of the best pre mixed soil for its plant is the african violet potting soil. It provides exactly what this plant needs to grow healthy.

These plants are very drought resistant but as usual give it plenty of water so they grow into their full potential green and lush.

Cassava Plant

Cassava Plant

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