Tropical Catalpa Tree aka
Catawba Tree

Catalpa Tree

Catalpa tree is a White Flowering Trees with beautiful small to medium deciduous tree, with large tropical heart shaped leaves perfect for creating a tropical appearance to any landscaped garden, planter, or park.

Catalpa's are also known as the Catawba tree, catalpa speciosa, catalpa bignonioides, cigar tree, Indian bean tree and even Fish Bait Tree or catalpa worm tree.

No matter what you call it its still a magnificent white flowering tree!

This is a White flowering tree and lavender flowering tree with its bell shaped flowers with a yellow center and deep purple freckles in the inner core of the bloom, that when in bloom is an incredible sight to behold the flowers are frilly and Orchid like.

This tree produces a long fruit that is narrow pod like that reaches 19 inches and is 1/2 inch wide they kind of look like giant green beans.

The catalpa or cigar tree become baron in the winter but literally spring back to life as if nothing ever happened with its large green heart shaped leaves and clusters of brilliant flowers.

The Catawba tree is a softwood deciduous tree that is native to the southern United States which is warmer and subtropical in many of these areas.

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Catalpa Tree

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Catalpa Tree


Above are the fruit pods from this tree that are not an edible fruit infact the pods and seeds of catalpa contain a mild narcotic and sedative, and caution should be taken to make sure they are not be put in the mouth or consumed.

Also the roots of Catalpa are poisonous.

Catalpa Tree

Arent these flowers beautiful...

How to grow these fast growing trees

These semi tropical trees grow best in zone 6 to 10 which provide the best environments for them.

These trees love to grow in full sun and it’s where they grow their best producing lots of green leaves and beautiful clusters of flowers.

You can expect your tree to start blooming in early to mid spring all the way through to early summer, it has a relatively short bloom time compared to other trees, but I've notice in places with warmer more humid weather they can bloom to late summer.

It isn’t too picky about the soil it grows in, anywhere between mildly acidic to mildly alkaline will grow healthy trees.

This plant will attract bees, butterflies and birds including humming birds.

The flowers are very fragrant and sweet smelling.

When watering just average watering letting the soil dry out a little before watering but make sure not to over water or soak the tree.

Catalpa Tree

Catalpa Tree

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