Tropical Chinese Parasol Tree

Chinese Parasol Tree

The Chinese Parasol Tree is also known as the Varnish Tree but much more widely known as the Umbrella tree which are such beautiful trees with large green leaves and unique flower pods, these are the perfect addition to your tropical garden when wanting to create a exotic look.

The Chinese Parasol is also the perfect tree if you are looking to create some shade in your garden because if you let it, it will grow to be quite statuesque.

This tree grows very fast and has an exquisite and romantic tropical appearance with its exotic draping pods or flowers and its enormous club shaped detailed leaves making it a stant out tropical tree.

One of its botanical names are Firmiana simplex and is definitely an evergreen trees, keeping its green foliage staying green all year round, year after year month after month the Tropical Chinese Parasol Tree perfect as a bonsai or being grown in your garden.

The Chinese Parasol Tree has truly enormous leaves and this tropical tree can grow up to 40 feet tall. This plant will attract bees and butterflies.

The flowers are so fragrant it makes your garden smell of a soft sweet smell that lingers in the air.

It requires consistently moist soil which helps in producing the beautiful blooms.

Do not let the soil dry out between watering.

When you look at them up close they look like silk tropical flowers, they don’t even look like they’re real, they’re so beautiful.

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Chinese Parasol Tree

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Chinese Parasol Tree

Growing Your Tropical Tree

Luckily for those of us who love to grow these trees they are pest and disease resistant which makes this tropical tree even more desirable.

The flowers that grow on this tree are preceded by 4 inch pods that eventually split open into 4 sections. When the pod open, a brown sappy fluid is discharged from them that looks just like varnish, and that’s how it got the nick name of varnish tree.

This tree will grow great in zones 7 and up and are fairly easy to care for.

As a very divers plant it is tolerant of drought, heat & humidity, which makes it a perfect tree to grow.

It dose will grow well in full or partial sun another plus.

As far as soil its best if you have a soil that has a mixture of Sand or Clay for optimum growth and flowering production of your tree.

Chinese Parasol Tree

Chinese Parasol Tree

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