Tropical Christmas Cactus Care

christmas cactus care

Christmas cactus care and growing christmas cactus takes a little bit of time but you'll reap the rewards of the beautiful cactus christmas flower, and proper christmas cactus plant care, it’s well worth any effort that you put into it especially the rare yellow christmas cactus.

Looking at the Christmas cactus plant you would never think that it was a tropical plant let alone a tropical rainforest plants. Christmas cactus care starts with treating it like a rainforest plant.

One look at this bizarre looking christmas cactus plant when its in bloom and you can kind of understand where it gets its name from because it looks like it has Christmas ornaments hanging from it. But really it’s because it blooms around Christmas time.

The Christmas cactus is from a family of cacti (cactus) native to the mountains in Brazil.

Even though it’s considered to be related to the desert variety most common in North America, they are nothing alike one dry and prickly the other has leafy appearance and is from the rainforest and christmas cactus propagation is different from the other.

The flowers are quite beautiful, detailed and stunning if you take the time to look at them, I have provided some close ups of this flower so you’ll know what I’m talking about

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christmas cactus care

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This Tropical Cactus produces some of the most beautiful flowers; just imagine growing these plants in your home or your garden.

christmas cactus care

christmas cactus care

christmas cactus care

Christmas Cactus Care And Growing Christmas Cactus
I've been asked how to grow christmas cactus and why can a cactus be tropical?

When growing christmas cactus plants they will always appreciate bright but indirect light never put it in direct sunlight, which can stunt growth and burn the leaves.

Christmas cactus care is simple just make sure to keep it away from heater vents, fireplaces and over watering.

It is best to keep in a normal house temperature range between 60 and 80 F..

Make sue to have some kind of source of humidity if you live in a dry environment. One way to accomplish this is to make or buy a humidity tray and then by placing the pot on a waterproof saucer that is filled with gravel and halfway filled with water will help provide the necessary amount of humidity.

This is the same as how I described when caring for African Violet Plants

Make sure to Water a Christmas Cactus with care. Caring for this plant can be a bit tricky as you need to take care not to overwater or underwater it, especially under watering can harm it, remember its a tropical rainforest plants but then over watering can cause rotting and mold.

If you want your plant to bloom to the fullest from September to October, put your Christmas cactus should be kept in a cool room or possibly a porch with no direct sunlight where temperatures will remain around 50 degrees.

Don't expose the plant to freezing temperatures. Plants should be blooming for the holidays if cool treatments are started by early November. This is done to ensure blooming

Slowly decrease watering slightly. Do not soak the soil after any prolonged dry spells, the best thing to do is moisten the top few inches, because the flower buds, leaves and existing flowers will fall off it there is a dramatic change is the moisture of the soil and roots.

Christmas cactus is a beautiful plant that can bloom year after year; you will want to keep it even after the holidays pass. You can even pass it down through generations, just don’t over water it and remember repotting christmas cactus every 2 years or so will help premote a healthier plant when caring for christmas cactus.

christmas cactus care

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christmas cactus care

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