Christmas Palm Tree And It's Care

Christmas Palm Tree

I love the look of the Christmas Palm Tree and the tropical ambiance it gives your garden. This Tree is really great if you have a smaller yard because it won’t over take your garden with its size the palm tree christmas is the perfect addition for your tropical flower bed.

Veitchia merrillii is a beautiful delicately intricate palm that resembles a dwarf version of the royal palm other wise known as the Roystonea regia, which it definitely matches in beauty if not in size.

A single slender gray stem smooth and beautiful hold up this palm, sectioned by leaf scar rings which is normal for tropical palm trees and is swollen clump at the bas of the tree where the dirt begins at the base. A smooth short green crown shaft supports the crown of at least a dozen, give or take a few leaves.

The beautiful Christmas palm will grow to an overall height of about 16 feet.

Native to the Philippines the Christmas palm which is widely planted through out and apart of the landscape everywhere you look. The Manila palm is another name it is referred by.

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Christmas Palm Tree

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Christmas Palm tree gets it's name because the red fruit typically ripens about Christmas time in the U.S.

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More commonly referred to as Veitchia Merrillii, this palm creates an instant tropical atmosphere in any residential or commercial project. Also known as Veitchia Merrillii, Manila Palm, Kerpis Palm. -Real Palm Trees

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Christmas Palm Tree

Christmas Palm Tree

Christmas Palm Tree

Palm Tree Care And Christmas Palms

This Christmas Palm tree is easy going as far as it needs an attention you will need to give it.

This easy care palms needs are few when transplanting palm trees. They will grow in all most any soil except those that are constantly soggy or flooded with water. Christmas palm is moderately salt tolerant.

It Prefers to be in full sun but will take some shade, and will appreciate regular waterings but it can also be forgiving if you tend to forget to water it once in a shile.

It grows best in zones 10 - 12

Propagation, is best with fresh seeds, they will germinate quickly within 1 to 3 months.

How To Plant Your Christmas Palm Tree

Watch you garden for a day and pay attention to the movement of the sun and where the shad or sunny areas are during the morning, afternoon and early evening. They require full sun, so find a spot in your landscaping that receives sunlight all day.

Pick a location where Christmas palms can be planted at least 15' apart. If you plant them any closer together, you may risk the chance of crowding the palms, optimal growth and health will depend on this. as usual always look for power lines and oerhangsf from a structure.

Christmas palms will flourish in a soil ranging from 6.6 to 7.5 neutral to 7.9 to 8.5 which is more alkaline.

Digging the hole for your palm. The depth and width of the hole will depend upon the size of the root ball of your Christmas palm.

Plant in a variety of well-drained soils, including limestone but dig the hole twice as deep as the pot it came in and twice as wide and always add palm food to the bottom of the hole and adding a root stimulator is a plus.

Mix 1/8 of the ground soil with fresh, new garden soil and place on the bottom of the hole. Water this mixture thoroughly.

Before you place your Christmas palm into the hole make sure to break up the condensed root ball that usually becomes tightly compact form being in a pot. Take the ground soil, mix it with the new garden soil and fill in the sides around the palm. Stomp this soil down around the base of the tree making it compact with no air holes.

Soak the tree and its roots! Add more soil if the mixture settles too much. Its always good to add mulch to help keep it moist which is what new plant palms need, Lots of moisture and water in order for the roots to take hold. I also add Quick Start by Miracle-Gro, it helps prevent transplant shock and stimulates root growth. I use this will all my plants and flowers even the palms.

Water the palm every day for a week. The next week, water every other day. After two weeks, you can water the soil as needed to encourage healthy roots.

Christmas Palm Tree

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