Tropical Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Tropical Climbing Hydrangea Vine

This is where you will find detailed information on the Tropical Climbing Hydrangea Vine incredible Perennial Flowering Vines with a unique beauty and fragrance, hydrangea vines are the perfect addition to your tropical garden to create an enchanting, romantic and tropical garden that you will love to relax in or entertain in!

Native to sub-tropical regions of Asia the hydrangea vine will produce large yet fragrant white flowers starting in late spring and continuing into early to late summer.

Water your climbing hydrangea once every two weeks during spring and fall then you will need increase the frequency of watering to once every week during summer. During the winter you wont need to water your plant very much.

Its also important to know to not prune your vine in the first year let it get well established and start attaching to a wall trellis or fence first, then after the first year go ahead and trim a way!

In the tropics you will mostly find the Japanese hydrangea vine but no matter which of these species you choose you will fine their hardiness and these fragrant vines which are also evergreen vines will beautify your garden beyond what you probably expected.

These are normally with white flowering vines but I also have the rare Hydrangea pink flowers vine and are stunning as you will see in the pictures of vines below.

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Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Tropical Climbing Hydrangea Vine

The Hydrangea Vine are the Types Of Vines that can take their sweet time growing, which can be to your benefit because you can easily train your climbing hydrangea to grow exactly where you want it to.
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Luckily these climbing hydrangeas require little care and can thrive under most conditions, neglect is not a problem once it has become an established plant.

Climbing Hydrangea - Barbara Ann - $29.95

The Climbing Hydrangea 'Barbara Ann', Decumaria barbara "Barbara Ann", has attractive dark glossy green foliage on a climbing, deciduous, native vine, reaching up to 40 feet. 2-3 inch clusters of sweetly scented creamy-white flowers peak in late May; produces aerial roots and must climb to flower. The 'Barbara Ann' vine climbs along the ground until it finds a tree or arbor to hang onto; attaches by rootlets, with smooth, shiny, round to oval, deciduous leaves. It will grow happily as a groundcover, but will not flower until it attains some height. It will grow in the shade, but flowering improves in more light. 'Barbara Ann' requires consistently moist soil; do not let it dry out between waterings. Take advantage of that vertical space in your garden with this carefree climbing vine, and its beautiful blooms!

Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Climbing Hydrangea Vine

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