Coccoloba Uvifera The Tropical Sea Grape Tree

Coccoloba Uvifera

Coccoloba Uvifera also known as the Sea-Grape tree, or "Seagrapes" is a Florida native and also of the Tropical Americas and naturally the tropics.

This unique tree growing up to at least 25 feet, this tree is related to the coral vine and pigeon-plum and the Coccoloba diversifolia amazing how these tree that can look so different can be in the same family.

This unique tropical tree is another one of those diverse plants that can be a large shrub or a tree, depending on nature of how you cut, trim or train your tree, I prefer it as a tree in its full beauty and will produce more fruit.

This sea grape tree is no stranger and can be a common sight in tropical climates all over shorelines of tropical beaches and homes or gardens close to the beach.

The fruit of this tree forms long clusters of grape-like fruit with an acidic flavor that locals love to snack on.

The sea grape is often used as a landscape tree near beaches, on beaches and waterways as it adapts well to sandy soil as you'll be able to see from the awesome pictures below.

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Coccoloba Uvifera

Flowering Sea Grape
(coccoloba uvifera)
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This Sea Grape is an evergreen flowering tree in the buckwheat family that has large, round, leathery leaves with a primary vein that has a red color extending from the base and the entire leaf turns red as it ages. This Sea Grape is native to the Caribbean and tropical America. The bark is smooth and yellowish. In late summer it bears green fruit < 0.75 in diameter, in large grade clusters. The fruit gradually ripens to a purplish color. Each contains a pit that constitutes most of the fruit. Great for indoors.

Coccoloba Uvifera

Sea Grapes are said to be especially good if you have an upset stomach it will help relieve the discomfort.

Children Is some of these tropical areas used to eat them as a treat and love to be albe to snack on them.

Birds love to hang out in the trees and eat the grapes also this tree is famous for a fine jelly that is made from the ripe grapes that develope in early summer

Here is a sea grape Recipe I found by Cara on her blog.... Thank You Cara!!

Here is Nana’s Sea Grape Recipe.

2 to 3 quarts of sea grapes

8 cups fruit juice from sea grapes

8 1/2 cups sugar

1/3 cup lime juice

Select ripe and partly ripe sea grapes. Wash and place in large pot, add water to not quite cover the fruit. Bring to a boil and soak until tender. Squeeze juice out by hand or strain through jelly bag, then measure juice.

To each 8 cups of juice obtained, add 8 1/2 cups sugar and 1/3 cup lime juice.

Cook to 225 degrees, which will take about 27 minutes. When it reaches the jelly stage, skim and pour into sterile jars and seal. Makes eight 1/2 pound jars.

 Coccoloba Uvifera

Naturally this tree is native to Tropical America, it sports the largest leaves of any Florida or tropical landscape plant its easily 63 inches when it’s not tattered by winds.

When fully grown it's a real show stopper with its unique look and beauty.

Young leaves on the Coccoloba Uvifera are red and then turn to a nice shiny attractive green.

The Sea grape wood is interesting with a contrast of light and dark wood running through it, the color of the wood will vary depending on the amount of sun and salt exposure.

Birds love to eat the seagrapes and a fine jelly can be made when ripe in early summer

Coccoloba Uvifera

Seagrapes are salt tolerant and can be happy very close to the ocean, as long as it is not overly exposed to strong winds.

It wants to bask in the full sun and its favorite soil is actually plain beach sand doesn’t get much easier.

Better soil, however, is appreciated by the sea grape tree as long as it is well drained soli.

When planting a Coccoloba Uvifera or sea grapes from a container, add some rich soil and water faithfully until the roots get established and you are noticing growth. Thereafter, no care except pruning for desired appearance and shape is required

The leaves frequently turn completely red before they fall in winter.

The inconspicuous ivory flowers are produced on foot-long racemes and the female trees are the only ones that will produce wonderful clusters of grapes that will ripen to a yummy deep purple grapes by the end of summer.

Like most things the male trees do not produce fruit and must be near by to make sure the female gets pollinated in order to produce fruit another commonality with fruit trees like avocado.

Coccoloba Uvifera

Coccoloba Uvifera

Look at how Large the trunk from an old Sea Grape Tree is ...

Light requirement : tree grows in part shade/part sun; tree grows in full sun just about anything goes with the Coccoloba Uvifera.

Soil tolerances : clay, loam, sand, acidic, alkaline, and well drained make things real simple......

Drought tolerance : The Coccoloba Uvifera can withstand high amounts of water, with no worries of overwatering or root rot.

Aerosol salt tolerance: high Soil salt is not a problem for the sea grape as you can see in the picture above this tree can grow right out of the sand on the beach.

Roots : surface roots are usually not a problem.

Easy Care :There really are no special treatments that has to be done for this amazing tree in the winter.

Invasive potential : little, if any, potential at this time

Pest resistance : long-term health usually not affected by pests

Coccoloba Uvifera

Coccoloba Uvifera The Beautiful Sea Grape Tree!

Coccoloba Uvifera

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