The Exotic Coleus Plant

Coleus Plant

The Coleus plant is one of my favorite tropical common house plants that are actually tropical jungle foliage.

Identifying house plants like these are easy because of the many bright colors they come in as you'll see in the house plants pictures, and also the shapes and textures of the coleus house plant, and coleus plant flowers.

If you have used a plant identifier it will usually come up with the scientific name of plants first which for this plant is Solenostemon.

Here are the names of all the different species of the coleus... 'Aurora' which is cream colored leaves with splashes of pink and the edges are brushed touches of green, while the undersides are a soft pink.

Then there is 'Blackberry Waffles' which is deep purple foliage with hits of deep pinkish burgundy color its amazing.

Next is 'Fishnet Stockings' this is the sexy coleus with stripes of black-purple colors with intricate detail of bright lime green throughout, its Beautiful.

The 'Mariposa' which means butterfly in Spanish, has incredible crimson leaves that are scalloped along the edges and with a hint of orange and pink throughout, its color will blow you away!

'New Hurricane' is quite impressive with its finger like leaves of deep red with yellow edging all around it in sort of an abstract manor and on some leaves it will have splashed of green at the base of the leaves, I think you will love the color it brings to your home or garden.

The 'Religious Radish' with its deep burgundy that’s almost black with paler burgundy-red trimming the scalloped edges of this Solenstemon is spectacular.

These plants are only available certain times of the year, so when they are in stock you can make sure to find them here.

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Coleus Plant

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If you choose to grow any of these as house plants you can also grow them in your garden with an established plant or coleus seeds, you won’t be disappointed with all the colors and texture and care for coleus plant is rather easy.
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Coleus Plants

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Coleus Plant

Below are House Plants Pictures Of the Coleus Plant

Coleus Plant

Coleus Plant

Coleus Plant

How Do Plants Grow, the Coleus...

These plants are native to tropical Africa, Asia, Philippines, Australia, and the East Indies.

How do plants grow to be so beautiful? The natural colors God and Mother Nature gave these pants are amazing.

If you are looking to growing plants in a greenhouse these are perfect for that.

What you need to do for plant growth process.....

For these plants the more sun the better, when growing as house plants.

They prefer warmer temperatures of 60 degrees or higher to keep them happy.

You will need to prune it occasionally which in the long run will make it a fuller healthier plant.

Humidity is very important so like I have suggested on my other pages set the pot in a larger and deeper tray filled with small pebbles and keep if filled with water at all times the water evaporates up into the plant and gives it the extra moisture it loves.

Water often, as soon as you notice the top of the soil drying out its time to water again.

Fertilizing occasionally with miracle gro time released pellets is awesome and will keep you plant much healthier.

Coleus Plant

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