Copyright Violation

I am the owner of this photo

that you publish on your website here:

I published it originally here on flickr:

The photo was taken in 2008 in the "Gardens of the World" park in Berlin, and I have the full-resolution photo that has never been published anywhere to prove that I took it.

I released this photo under a Creative Commons license that requires "Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike".
That means you need to credit me as the creator of this photo, you are not allowed to use this photo in any commercial context, and you must make clear that everybody can take this photo and use it under the same conditions.

I ask you to take down this file immediately.

Julia Becker

Hi Julia

I do apologize a friend forwarded the pictures to me for this page, I will take it down unless you want me to give you credit and a link to any of your pages

Pleas let me know

Thank you

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