Tropical Corn Plants aka Dracaena Plant Great Tropical House Plants!

Corn Plants

Corn Plants… If you are looking for a beautiful tropical house plant to add to your decor and doesn't demand much of your time or attention, look no further than the dracaena Plant.

They are easy, tolerating low light, low humidity and infrequent watering. Keep in mind that while Dracaenas will tolerate adverse conditions, they will be much happier and healthier with just a little care.

Trust me I know this first hand, for some reason this is my only plant that I forget about sometimes not watering it for weeks, but just like my boys and my dog Chessie, it gives me unconditional love and just keeps growing. Its actually what they love best, let them dry out then give'em a good watering.

There are several different species of Dracaena including Reflexa also known as Song Of India, Wild Dracaena, and Dracaena Marginata which I really love the look of this one.

Corn plants come from a large genus that includes plants of varying sizes and leaf colorations, many of which are used in tropical gardens.

The Dracaena is one of the most commonly grown.

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Corn Plants

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These are one of the most popular Tropical house plants grown and for good reason, they’re beautiful and easy to grow.
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Tropical Dracaena Fragrans

corn plants

How to Grow Your Dracaena Plants

If planting indoors place the plant in a location where it gets light, just not direct sunlight although it can tolerate some indoor direct sunlight. As With most tropical plants the location best for planting is to the side of a south or east window. The plant can be directly in front of the window only if the window is covered by a shear curtain. If it is getting too much direct sunlight is will lighten the color of the leaves.

Fill your watering container and allow the water to set for at least 48 hours before using. This method should be use for all indoor plants. Thorough watering should be done every two to four weeks. The roots of this plant are short and close to the stalk, so pour the water close to the stalk so the moisture gets to the roots.

If you want to use a fertilizer on a healthy corn plant, use a liquid fertilizer and only every other month not more often than that.

Brown tips are usually an indication that the water has chemicals in it, like fluoride or chlorine which are fond in tap water. If you let the water sit for a day or two and the brown tip aren’t getting better you should try using distilled water to see if that makes a difference.

The root system of a corn plant is so minimal, that it will do fine in smaller planters. It is usually healthier in a crowded pot rather than one that has lots of room. The only reason you should need to replant it into bigger pot would be because it is top heavy and may tip over.

If you like the height of your corn plant, to keep it from growing more, you can pull out the center of new growth on the plant, boy that was simple.

CLEANING…… Wiped your plant down with a damp cloth. You can also take the plant outside and rinse it down with a water hose, I just take mine out side and get it a little wet then place each leaf between my hands and gently rub it down. this method is also great for keeping pest off it, then I water it one more time, trying to not let too much get into the pot.

corn plants

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corn plants

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