Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos flowers are very common flowers that are grown just about everywhere, except for the Chocolate cosmos which are rarely seen or smelled which is very unfortunate, they’re awesome!.

The chocolate cosmos has a distinct smell of chocolate and are a very deep burgundy flower they’re quite amazing and you can purchase them at the bottom of this page with many other varieties of cosmos plant.

These flowers originated and are found growing wild in warmer climates places like Mexico and South America where the atmosphere is more tropical and has more humidity,

They are a herbaceous perennial flowers, the flowering cosmos plants are full of beautiful flowers that can get a big as 4 inches and each plant can grow up to 3 to 6 feet tall, thy re quite showy bright and colorful.

There are 20 species of cosmos, but there are only two annual species, the Cosmos sulphureus and the Cosmos bipinnatus which are the most common flowers that you would recognize or grow in your garden and not to mention very easy to grow.

Not only are these flowers great for bringing vibrant color to your garden but they’re great as cut flowers to be brought into your home and put together with other cut flowers as a bouquet in an arrangement to brighten your living room, dining room or kitchen even bathroom. These great flowers can be enjoyed for up to 7 - 10 days.

A few of my favorites are the Candystripe painted cosmos with bright pink painted around a white flower and the Cosmos Sullphur that is an almost neon orange flower perfect for a burst of color to any tropical garden.

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Cosmos Flowers

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Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

An alluring strong chocolate fragrance will intrigue you, as well as the butterflies that surround this sun-loving, bushy perennial.

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

How To Grow Your Cosmos Flower

Not only are these flowers great for bringing color to your garden but they’re great as cut flowers to be brought into your home as a bouquet in a flower arrangement to brighten your living room, dining room or kitchen. These great flowers can last for 7 - 10 days.

Cosmos love to be planted in full sun so pick a good spot in your garden that stays sunny all day. This will ensure your seeds to sprout faster being exposed to the warmth of the sun which they love so much.

Don’t dig holes to put your seeds in, turn up your soil making sure its been broken up , smooth it out with your hands sprinkle your seeds then cover with a light layer of soil no more than 1/4 inch.

Cosmos is drought tolerant, and even though it doesn’t want much water this doesn’t stop it from producing an abundant amount of flowers to fill your garden and with less water than most other annuals.

Over caring for your plant can do damage so be careful not to over fertilizer or to over water your plants, they actually like the soil to be dried out until you water them again and too much fertilizer will reduce the amount of flowers it produces.

The best time to plant your seeds is in March for a spring full of brightly colored flowers to enjoy but you can also plant them later on during the summer around June so that you can get more flowers that will flower until the first frost.

Another great thing about the cosmos flowers is that they rarely ever attract garden pest which gives you another reason to grow these all most non existent care flowers.

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Flowers

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