Rare Crossandra Flower


The Crossandra is a lovely tropical flowering plant that comes in yellow, orange, peach and the very rare variety that comes in turquoise.

To find a turquoise color flower is extremely rare with any flower or plant species.

These tropical evergreen plants are shrubby plant with oval, and beautiful green leaves, that are about 2 inches long and small compact spikes of lilac in the center, with the less rare version of this flower they can be red or yellow, funnel-shaped flowers with noticeable bracts.

They will grow anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet, depending on the variety and growing conditions.

This plant can tolerate nothing less than temperatures of 55 degrees and can thrive in temperatures up to 90 degrees if it has shade its truly a tropical flower .

When repotting doing this is best in February or March and the Crossandra infundibuliformis its botanical name, prefers to have partial shade or full sun.

It’s best to fertilize this unique plant monthly with a balanced fertilizer from March to October so that you can get more flowers to bloom.

If you want to trim or prune your plant, its best for you to wait until all the blooms have started to die and fall off so you can enjoy the flowers as long as possible.

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Below are the more common flower species, the Firecracker Flower




This beautiful and brightly colored Firecracker Flower is relatively unknown to most knowing it is great as a houseplant, and is one of the best consistent indoor flowering plants.

If you give your plant the attention it needs your plant will bloom continuously for years!

It is native to southern India and Sri Lanka, where many beautiful tropical flowers come from infundibuliformis is one of the 50 species that are found throughout the Old World tropics.

The firecracker flower or otherwise known as crossandra is closely related to the Acanthus family of plants or Acanthaceae, and are related to other houseplants like the Zebra Plant called Aphelandra squarrosa, Black-eyed Susan Vine also known as Thunbergia alata, and the Shrimp Plant AKA Beloperone guttata.

They need part shade to full sun. and if you use compost which you should the best mixture is equal parts of loam and peat moss with a little bit of sand added for drainage.

Always make sure your compost is kept moist but not soaked it its constantly soaking wet it may cause your plant to not produce as many flowers and become more straggly.

Use fertilizer weekly but only use 1/2 the amount recommended by the manufacture and its best used between March to October.


These turquoise flowers above are the Rare speciesof the crossondra, pictures tanks to toptropicals.com visit their site its wonderful.


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