Tropical Exotic Curcuma Plant

Curcuma Plant

This incredibly Exotic flower Curcuma plant is native to the Indo Malaysian region and is more commonly known as the Siam tulip.

I had thought that they were originally from Hawaii because of its look, but Curcuma has been cultivated because of the popular spice that it produces turmeric, and is extracted from the roots then used around the world in curry which is very popular in countries like India, even here in America, the food prepared with this spice is fantastic.

The color this root produces is extracted and used for yellow dyes for food and clothing but is also used for traditional medicines, although this is quite a multi purpose flower it made it on my list of exotic flowers because of its look!

The Exotic Curcuma is becoming increasingly popular as a tropical plant due to the striking flowers this plant produces, I'm sure you will agree.

The Curcuma Plant will die back each season but do come back the next year just a bit fuller and beautiful than the year before all worth the cycle they go through.

On any exotic flower guide this flower may come up as the jewel of Burma. This is the most popular name and when it first starts to bloom the bracts are a gold then fade into a beautiful orange color quite impressive.

I will provide pictures to you of the other species and its colors which to me are all so beautiful, I hope you enjoy them!

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Curcuma Plant

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Curcuma Plant

Curcuma Plant

This one is the Curcuma Rumrobracteat

Curcuma Plant

C. Longa

Curcuma Plant

C. Roscoeana Aka the Jewel Of Burma

Curcuma Plant

C. Cordata flower

curcuma plant

C. Cultivar Flower

curcuma plant

C Elata Flower

curcuma plant

C. Ruby

curcuma plant

This Last of my favorite Curcuma is on the list of exotic flowers... Curcuma Sunrise

If you choose, you can plant your curcuma plant as either dormant rhizomes or as an established blooming plants, I prefer them to already be established.

If you rather start with a dormant rhizome, make sure that you plant it during the winter or early spring. If you start with an actively growing plant, for best results you should wait until April or May to ensure easy growth for your plant.

Make sure your Curcumas are grown in well drained, soil that is organic or rich in nutrients if it is being grown in partial sun, this is very important.

Place the curcuma plant at least one foot apart, unless you have one of the dwarf varieties in that case go ahead and plant them closer they don’t mind.

Like almost all plants dig a hole twice its size, carefully break apart the root system without breaking it, place the plant or rhizome in the hole add a root stimulator to the bottom of the hole and fill with soil. Don't plant the rhizomes too deep no more inch below the surface.

After planting, water thoroughly and let the soil dry. Make sure you water daily, just enough to moisten the soil, Never soak your plant.

Plants that are already established can be fertilized monthly, by giving each plant one teaspoon of 15:15:15 or 16:16:16 liquid fertilizer.

Do not over water as this can damage the rhizome and cause rotting of the plant. In hot weather, give it little water daily, and it may be necessary to use mulch.

Watering during the plant's dormant period is a not recommended. because it can lead to root rot and kill the plant.

Propagation is by division on mature plants and is done so easily, just grab a hold at the dirt level of any shoots and gently wiggle and pull until it comes out of the ground then replant the offshoots.

Take an off shoot, rinse the rhizomes and soak in water overnight.

As you wash the soil off your curcuma plant, rhizomes can separate naturally, don’t worry about this its a good thing if not you can break the rhizome between stalks by bending it then pull the stalks facing outward gently. Cut back the stalk.

Make a hole big enough for newly separated stalk stump and rhizome section. The tubers and roots that come from the rhizome should not be bent in any way to make it fit in the hole.

Put rhizomes in the hole and cover with rich soil, just deep enough so the greens are just above the ground and all the roots are below the dirt level.

It's always a good idea to propagate plants whenever they start clumping or grow too dense although I am guilty of not always doing this, so don’t feel guilty or if you did something wrong if you skip it once in a while this plant is very hardy.

curcuma plant

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