The Tropical Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid

Ahhh the beautiful Cymbidium Orchid... with its beautiful colors from soft pastels like pink and lavenders to white orchids, green orchid and the very popular green cymbidium orchids, and the rich deep fuchsia and they even come in a rusty dark orange orchids, lets just say they come in every color except for blue and red orchids.

Cymbidium tropical plants, learn all about these orchid types that are well known for their long lasting blooms that will last for many weeks at a time and as many as 8 per stem, not to mention they are great for growing orchids for beginners as well as growing orchids indoors.

Popular as corsages and as orchid wedding bouquets for those special occasions.

These are a terrestrial orchid which means that they grow in soil either in the ground in your garden in zones 5 to 10 or in a pot indoors in your home if you provide the necessary elements they need to produce beautiful long lasting fragrant blooms.

They are native to tropical Asia and Australia and have become popular everywhere because of their long lasting waxy blooms and are also known as boat orchids.

These orchids are actually edible and are non-toxic. Gourmet chefs will use them as a edible garnish to exquisite foods and in some countries it is considered to be a delicacy.

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Cymbidium Orchid

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Cymbidium Orchid

Caring For Orchids and Growing Orchids Indoors

Care begins with a good quality, well-draining medium which usually consist of fine to medium bark orchid mix which you can find above specifically for these orchids.

These plants don’t like to be sitting in soggy medium, its best to water about once a week allowing the soil to dry out a bit before the next watering. Use your discretion because this will vary depending on your particular conditions and humidity were you live.

Cymbidium tropical plants can tolerate warmer climates but only if it has a balance of cooler evenings anywhere as low as 50 degrees and lots of humidity which can be created by placing a humidity tray underneath the plant of make your own by putting a saucer filled with small pebbles and filled with water underneath your orchid, the water will evaporate up causing much needed humidity for your tropical flower.

As far as lighting they need bright but indirect light, never place your orchid in in direct light or in a window ceil.

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Cymbidium Orchid

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