Dendrobium Orchid Care & The Tropical Beauty it Brings to Your Home!

Dendrobium Orchid Care

Learn all about Dendrobium Orchid Care and the many colors of this beautiful and delicate dendrobium orchid, you can also buy orchids online here with the best prices and quality guaranteed.

Dendrobium orchids come in several colors of white flowers, purple dendrobium orchid, the exotic blue dendrobium orchid, red, green dendrobium orchids, orange and sometimes a combination of some of these colors. These are also popular being bought as silk dendrobium orchid flower arrangements.

The orchid dendrobium is found in different climates ranging from the humid tropical climates of rainforest including Asian regions and oddly enough growing on the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.

This explains why there is such a variety of flower colors for this plant.

There are several species of this beautiful dendrobium orchid plant including deciduous and evergreen both with different temperature needs some may like cooler weather and others love a warm, extremely humid conditions.

They are also known for growing in the ground in air baskets or on trees as epiphytic meaning it doesn’t need soil to grow and very little Dendrobium Orchid Care.

When shopping for Orchids you will find that the Dendrobium is one of the most common you will find that are sold in stores and online and nurseries because they are fairly hardy and easy for growing orchids indoors compared to some other orchid species.

What makes it distinguishable is its cane like stems that grow many blooms on each.

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Growing Orchids Indoors, Dendrobium Orchid Care

These orchids species need the temperature to be between 80 to 90 degrees but in the evening temperatures should never drop below 60 degrees.

Water enough to keep the soil moist but don’t over soak it. Once your orchid dendrobium begins to produce green leaves you should allow it to dry between watering.

When it comes to indoor orchids caring for Dndrobium Orchids it is very important for them to have lots of sun, at least for 50% of the day but never direct sunlight.

Fertilize weekly during the beginning stages of growth once it begins to grow greenery and produce flowers fertilize lightly once a month during its moths of production.

When it comes to optimum care of dendrobium orchid’s humidity is a must! 60% is best and to achieve this as I have explained on my other orchid pages use a tray a bit larger than the bottom of the pot and fill it with tiny pebbles and keep it filled with water, this water evaporates as humidity up into the plant creating a ore lush and full orchid producing plant!

When growing dendrobium orchids potting is very important. First off remember to pot them in a pot that may seen a bit small for it, and its very important to repot every other year adding fresh Orchid Bark Media, made for Dendrobium plants and provide the best Dendrobium Orchid Care possible.

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Dendrobium Orchid Care

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