The Entrancing Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

The Entrancing Dracula Orchid learn about this orchid species and it's bizarre yet beautiful appearance that will draw you in to it to look closer puts you in a trance like Dracula when drawing in his victim.

like all orchids this epiphytic and terrestrial species are distributed in Central America and the northwest Andes, Ecuador produces the most of these flowers it could be ac much as half its total production.

Like Dracula himself the Dracula Orchid loves to be in the shade or darker areas of our garden and even likes rather cold temperatures.

On each stems grows one large, thin, plicate leaf. These glabrous, light to dark green leaves sponge like.

If you look and you really don’t even have to try that hard you can see the face in the center of each flower, it's kind of creepy and looks like Dracula.

These incredible flowers are hard to find so I will always check with my nurseries and when they come available I will put them up on this page so you can purchase them and enjoy their exotic beauty!

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Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

Chestertonii Draco Orchid

Dracula Orchid


Dracula Orchid


Dracula Orchid

Dracula Venefica

Dracula Orchid

This one is appropriately named Vampira

This unique and Exotic flower isn’t the easiest to grow because its very temperamental and must have a controlled cooler environment inorder to flower.

These Orchids are mostly grown in baskets to accommodate the almost 10 inch inflorescences which arch from this extremely unique creepy yet beautiful Orchid.

They usually bloom year round with 2 inch or larger depending on which orchid species of Dracula flowers.

The long tails that trail from each side of the Dracula flower and a long tuft at the top of them give the look of a triangle with three long tails, at the top and them two more at the bottom then the peculiar face that looks as if it follow you around the room .

Some of these particular orchids can be more spotted than others and the amount of pick can also vary. The flowers will open sequentially with two or three per stem.

The Dracula orchids are for intermediate growers because it requires controlled temperatures around 55 degrees, to 85 degrees which is necessary for the plant to be able to bloom.

It is necessary for this plant to receive water 5 to 7 days a week but just a little each day. Just like other orchids they can get root rot and can die off and naturally high humidity is a necessity.

Exotic Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

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