The Tropical, Beautiful and Flamboyant Empress Orchid.

Empress Orchid

Ahhh... The Empress Orchid, I use the word flamboyant to describe it because they are large, striking and colorful with distinct ruffles and doing what’s called pea cocking, showing off its brilliance to everyone willing to look.

If you look this word up in the dictionary you will get... Highly decorated, showy and dashing in a self- satisfied way, strikingly bold or brilliant; showy: and flamboyant colors, This is exactly correct on its definition of these big and colorful orchids!

I will show you pictures of orchids, Empress Orchids naturally and you will see why I describe them the way I do.

If you have had the opportunity to see one in person you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The two that I will be showing you are the Dendrobium or Laeliocattleya, LC. Red Empress Orchid which is different shades of red orchids, some of the red ones have a bit of a pink tinge to them. Then the famous Pink orchid Brasscoattleya, or Blc. Empress Worsley Orchids, also known as the Roman holiday.

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Below are pictures of orchids the Pink Empress or Blc. Empress Worsley Orchids, identifying orchids of this species is kind of easy just look for the spots or freckles and fringes. It also has a great sweet fragrance that fills the air. These beautiful the flowers will grow up to 7 inches and Blooms late summer, Wow!!!

Empress Orchid

Empress Orchid

Below are pictures of orchid species of Dendrobium or Laeliocattleya, LC. Red Empress Orchid. This one is somewhat hard to get all the info on. I had one that only lasted for a year but when it bloomed WOW!!!! I'm going to try another soon.

Empress Orchid

Empress Orchid, Raising Orchids and Orchid Care

These are one of my favorites, look at the colors theyre so bright! The new growth begins in the spring, these dendrobiums like to have an increase in water and fertilizer starving for more nutrents.

During early spring and summer Its needs are similar to phalaenopsis, with reduced light, increased water, and fertilizer every two weeks use only 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for the. In the fall, its cultural needs will change quite a bit, craving bright light, and cooler temperatures. No fertilizer is needed at this time.

Water so that the bulbs do not shrivel up. New growth buds will begin to show up when the night temperatures are cooler and the growth have completely matured. This will happen around November December then the blooms begin to opening in January and February.

When these plants are grown in the home, its better that they get placed outside in the fall to benefit from the cooler temperatures at night then brought inside just before the onset of frost.

Put them into a cool location, enclosed porch is best or a room in your home where you wouldn’t us the heater, until buds start to form.

Do not overpot the plants. They like to be root-bound and do well in relatively small pots.

Clay pots or there are special pots made for orchids, as does regular seedling bark mixture or osmunda. Some growers also use long-fibered sphagnum moss for these dendrobiums.

If plants produce all keikis and no blooms, its either because the temperature is too warm at night or its getting too much fertilizer.

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Empress Orchid

Empress Orchid

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