Ensete Ventricosum

Ensete Ventricosum

It has a strange sounding name yet it kind of rolls off your tongue, Ensete Ventricosum. This name originates from the Ethiopian name for banana, which is commonly used and this Beautiful Plant is also known as Abyssinian Banana and Ornamental Banana.

This beautiful plant that is the relative to the more familiar edible banana tree, is great for landscaping used in most subtropical climates around the world with its rich green beautify large leaves with tinges of red and orange framing these beautiful leafs, adding a unique color to any topical garden.

Unfortunately the fruit it produces is not the best tasting banana to eat.

But if your hungry enough you could eat it, it’s not poisonous it’s just has a bitter taste.

Because of this is it’s probably why they call it an Ornamental Banana tree more often used for its beauty and not for producing edible bananas.

Its statuesque form, height, texture and large leaves with a tinge of red mid ribs, create a lush tropical effect to any garden.

As you can see the plant pictures below of this tree they are quite beautiful, showy and often become a focal point in your home garden.

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Below Is The Bloom From This Magnificent Tree

Ensete Ventricosum

Growing Banana Trees

It’s been said that this species Ensete Ventricosum can be propagated easily by seed but it requires direct sunlight in a warm part of your garden, and lots of moisture and water. This banana tree really thrives on the moisture and warmth of the sun.

Using a fertile soil is very important if you want your Ensete Ventricosum to grow to its full potential with large lush green leafs.

The soil should always be kept moist, so try not to let it dry out completely between watering; this will slow down the growth of these tropical evergreen plants.

It can be grown in partial shade to full sun. But it does best in full sun. Mine is in partial shade and it's growing very slowly. Yet it’s still very healthy.

This tropical beauty does not like frost, as most tropical plants can’t tolerate it. It can also be grown as a permanent landscape plant or an indoor plant but not for too many years. Watch out.... it will get too big for your home. It loves its space so make sure not to plant other plants too close.

It can get up to 20 feet tall, but beware if you live where it gets very windy, its big leaves have been known to catch wind like sails on a ship and pull its self out of the ground.

These can be purchased from on line nurseries or other home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and nurseries like Armstrong’s and others like that. I have also provided some for you to purchase below for your convenience.

It grows best in zones 10B and 11. And LOVES the full sun, I can never say that enough.

These banana trees are so beautiful, exotic and are a must for adding the tropics to your garden! Not to mention the flowers it produces are one of the most exotic flowers rarely seen.

Ensete venrticosum

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