Erythrina Crista Galli, Better Known As Coral Trees

erythrina crista galli

Erythrina Crista Galli tree is a picturesque, broad and spreading, deciduous tree that can get 60-80 ft tall and spread up to 20-40 ft.

When coral trees are not in bloom there isn’t much about them to make you look twice but when in bloom the flowers of bright red and orange rally are quite spectacular!

Erythrina crista-galli is a flowering tree in the family Fabaceae, native to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. It is widely planted as a street or garden tree in other countries, most notably in California.

It's a small to medium sized deciduous tree often to 10-15ft, but occasionally to 30ft and can become almost as wide.

Being a member of the legume family, this beautiful red flowering tree is a nitrogen-fixer which means is that this trees presence is very much needed to help create fresh oxygen for our environment and they are very important for subtropical and tropical agroforestry around the world.

The beautiful red flower, blooms to its fullest during warm months, and as you will see from the pictures below it grows a very unique looking and exotic flower.

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Coral Trees

Erythrina crista galli is a flowering tree in the family Fabaceae, native to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.

It is widely planted along streets or as a decorative garden tree in other countries, most notably here in California I see them every where here by my home.

It is known by several common names within South America Starting with ceibo, seíbo (Spanish), corticeira (Portuguese) and the more ambiguous bucaré, just to name a few. But in English it is often known as the Cockspur Coral Tree, which is the most recognized name or just coral tree although there are some other trees with the same nick name, it can get confusing.

The tree's flower is the national flower of Argentina and Uruguay. It is also the official city tree of Los Angeles, California (where it is referred to simply as "the coral tree").

erythrina crista galli

erythrina crista galli

These Are the Flowers From A Cockspur Coral Tree

The Cockspur Coral Tree One of the most striking of the flowering coral trees, this species is a common ornamental in some parts of the world, roundly appreciated for its bright red, profuse blooms.

erythrina crista galli

Where ever This Particular Coral Tree Is, I dont Want to Be..... Look At The Size Of That Spider

erythrina crista galli

As You Can See Coral Trees Come In Many Different Blooms

Best Growing Environment :
The Erythrina galli, aka the coral trees Grows great in full sun where it will grow the best but it can take partial shade for very short periods in the day, and it does great even in somewhat arid climates.

Once established, it needs minimal irrigation and does quite well with neglect but it will need to be grown in a well drained soil.

Propagation :
The erythrina crista galli can be propagated by seeds.

But if you are going to grow them this way the seeds should be soaked in warm water for up to 24 hours prior to planting to help them with breaking free and growing in to a stunning tropical tree.

This species is also propagated via half-ripe wood cuttings and new growth cuttings.

erythrina crista galli

This Is What The Coral Trees Look Like Without Blooms, I Must Say This Is the Prettiest One That I Have Seen!

erythrina crista galli

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